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"All About Tygress"

Vanessa Sanchez was born January 21 in Syosselt, New York. Her hobbies include billiards, weightlifting and running. Dancing has always been her passion however. This talented young lady has been dancing since she was two. She took a variety of classes including jazz, ballet, tap and hip hop. At 16, she started dancing professionally, modeling in fashion shows, and began her career as an actress. Vanessa attended school at C.I Lutheran High School then went on to college where she attended Oglethorpe University. In high school, Vanessa was a cheerleader and also an outstanding student. At Oglethorpe, she majored in accounting.. Other jobs, Tygress has held include being a senior accountant for Deloitte & Touche, a backup dancer for Chubby Checker, and an actress in both a Ladies Workout Express and a Lord Abbot commercial. She has also worked with Tony Award winner George Faison in the musical Keep the Faith. But, no matter what this talented young lady does, you can be sure she'll be the best she can be.

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