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Tygress's Faves

So you wanna be like Tygress? Well first, let's see what you may have in common with the soul sister of the Nitro Girls!!!

Favorite Food: Pinon
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite TV Show: Looney Tunes, South Park and the Simpsons
Favorite Movie: The Bridges of Madison County
Favorite Actress: Meg Ryan
Favorite Actor: Shemar Moore
If I Could Cast A Popular Actress To Play Me, It Would Be: Jennifer Lopez
I'm Better At This Than Anyone: Controlling my emotions
My Role Model: My mother for her spirituality, generosity and strength!
Motto: "Don't listen to logic, listen to your heart."
I Find These Qualities Attractive in a Man: He must be a "genuinely nice guy", happy, and confident. He must also be at peace with himself and know himself.
What Most People Don't Know About Me: I appreciate solitude.

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