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Right here is where you'll meet the Troopers--the people who support Tygress!!! Introducing...and MORE to come!!

Name: Leslie
Title: Webmistress
Birthdate: May 2
Birthplace: Perth, W.Australia
Location: Tennessee
Siblings: None
Other Clubs: Gorgeous George's Gang, Teri Byrne Fan Club, Rena's Renegades, Tammy's Team, and Dawn Marie's Disciples
Hobbies: Sports, writing poetry, internet, shopping, hanging out and meeting new people!!!
Future Ambitions: To become a prowrestling valet, attend and finish college to become a paralegal

Name: Charlotte(Charley)
Title: Club Founder
Birthdate: January 30
Birthplace: Tennessee
Location: Tennessee
Siblings: 3 older brothers(Tony, Jack and Keith), 1 older sister(Nikki)
Other Clubs: Teri Byrne Fan Club
Hobbies: Sports, music, internet, swimming, talking on the phone, and hanging out with friends!!!
Future Ambitions: To finish school then go to college

Name: Carrie
Hometown: Toronto
Fave Wrestlers: Chris Jericho, RoadDogg, Edge, XPac, the Rock, Rey Mysterio,Jr., Buff Bagwell, Kidman, and Raven

Name: Amber
Hobbies: Dancing and working out
Fave Sports: Cheerleading, football and wrestling
Fave Wrestlers: Edge, the Rock, Shawn Michaels, and David Flair
Role Models: the Nitro Girls

Name: George
Nicknames: Gee-O or EMC
Birthdate: July 4, 1974(Year of the Tiger, see the connection*smiles*)
Birthplace: California
Homestate: Northern Cali
Hobbies: George is a hip-hop artist/producer currently recording a solo album for release in 2000 as well as promoting his group, DeadBeats, album "All's Quiet on the Western Front" due out in January. You can check out Gee-O and his gang at Here you may check out snippets of the album or order merchandise.

Name: Ken
Age: 20
Birthdate: April 11th
Hobbies: Playing basketball, relaxing, trying to get a record deal and checking out Tygress on Nitro.

Name: Daniel
Nicknames: The Rock, BroBro, Cutie, Danielhead, Football Guy, Dew, and Hey You*LOL*
Homestate: New York
Birthdate: August 5
Hobbies: Chillin' with friends, Baseball, Basketball, Indy wrestler
Fave Nitro Girls: Tygress and Fyre

Name: Nicole
Homestate: Ohio
Hobbies: Sports and Wrestling
Dislikes: Any forms of discrimination, rather it be race, religion, sexual and etc. Also dislikes peaches.
Fave Wrestlers: Rey Mysterio, Jr., Juvi and Tygress.
Website: Site Dedicated to Rey

Name: Samantha
Homestate: Maryland

Name: Cristi Marie
Nicknames: Syren, Christina Aguilera, and Miss Kidman
Age: 13
Birthdate: November 4
E-mail Address: (old one-- )
School: Central Heights ISD--Home of the 2A Girls State Champions-The Lady Devils!
Websites: Kidman's World Diversity 5 Online Gorgeous George Online Crist'z Info