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     Independence Bottling Works was established in 1905 by Kloose Wiegan. Wiegan had only made Strawberry and Jersey Cream flavors prior to selling the bottling plant to Louis L. "Polly" Compton in 1923. The plant was located at 206 N. River Blvd, on a landmark site of a spring which was known to never go dry. In the early days, the soda manufacturers used this pure, clean, cold spring water to make their beverages.

     In 1925, the old machinery was torn out and replaced with larger machinery, and now that sugar was once again plentiful, a 12oz bottle made it on the market. The company was also the local distributor for Goetz Beer, which had helped them to survive the wartime sugar shortages.

     In 1953, Compton decided he wanted to retire and sold the business to two of his brothers-in-law, Vernon and Victor Given, both of which had been his long-term employees. His daughter, Lucy Jane Haden, ran the office.

     But by July of 1967, changing technology and major soft drink manufacturers forced Polly's Pop to close its doors. The company was not able to make the change to plastic bottles and cans, nor able to beat the competition for shelf space in larger supermarkets. The building where Polly's Pop was made has since been razed, and is now the site of Polly's Pop Park.

     Also the cost of the bottles were ten cents each with only a two-cent deposit, and many people just did not return the bottles, resulting in a continuous loss for the company. Now for collectors, those ten cent bottles are a treasure as one of the most sought after soda bottles because of their colorful pictures of "Polly".

     Wonder how Mr. Compton came about the nickname "Polly"? When he was a boy, a shoe cobbler's shop caught fire, nearly ending the life of the owner's parrot. In reporting the incident, an excited Louis said to his friends, "Polly got her hair burned!" And the name just stuck.

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