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Nehi Beverages

Nehi bottle

Nehi: Since 1928

     Union Bottling Works began in 1905, bottling Royal Crown Ginger Ale and Chero-Cola. In 1912, the company name changed to Chero-Cola Company. The addition of Nehi sparked another name change in 1928 to the Nehi Corporation. As indicated by the crowncaps below, the Nehi name carried many different flavors.
     The 30s brought a new cola, Royal Crown Cola, which was later abbreviated to RC, and another name change to the Royal Crown Company

2Nehi-leg-cap.jpg (27127 bytes)

For more detailed history
go to: Chero-Cola

Nehi is available at The Soda Shop
in Orange, Peach and Grape.


Nehi sign
Nehi Sign, featuring an embossed "silk stocking" bottle

Nehi sign
Nehi Sign, featuring the embossed "silk stocking" bottle 
with an ACL label

Nehi crowncapsNehi crowncapsNehi crowncaps

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