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Embossed Hire's bottle

Hires-AmberEmb.jpg (45896 bytes)

Hire's Root Beer ACL bottle


Since 1876

     Charles E Hires began the manufacture of a "root beer extract" in Philadelphia at the Centennial Exposition. The Crystal Bottling Company began bottling HIRES in 1893. The most famous and collectible of the root beers, Hires collectibles break down into three categories: Hires Extract (from 1876), for home use, and Hires cures, cough cures, condensed milk, etc. All areas have produced a wealth of advertising for collectors: trade cards, die cuts, extract bottles, syrup bottles, syrup dispensers, tin and porcelain signs, early calendars and early serving trays, mugs as well as a variety of ceramic dispensers.

Hires is available for order at The Soda Shop.

  • TOP: Hires. Embossed. (Light green)
  • MIDDLE: Amber Hire's bottle <Click thumbnail to enlarge>
  • LEFT BOTTOM: Hires Root Beer 8oz Embossed ACL
    The Charles E. Hires Co. Philadelphia PA.
    "The Old-time Flavor Made by Hires Since 1876"
  • BELOW: Hires Crowncaps


1917 Hire's serving tray
<Click to enlarge>
Mvc-004f.jpg (16829 bytes) 
Hire's Root Beer Extract
(There were several variations
of the Extract bottles.)
Mvc-003f.jpg (16659 bytes)
Hires embossed bottle

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