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Soda TraderZ By CokeGirl Disclaimer: 

Font for "By CokeGirl" is Loki-Cola font, available in many places on the Internet for free download. 

All brand names mentioned in my webpage belong to whoever owns their trademark, and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies. I am just a collector, nothing more, nothing less. 

My nickname is, and has been for many years, "CokeGirl". As for its reference to "Coke" --- to risk offending the Coca-Cola Company ---  is not in total reference to the beverage commonly known as  "Coke". 

To explain, in my area, anything carbonated was referred to as "a coke". As a guest in my house, you would be asked "wanna coke?" and if the answer was affirmative, then the list of whatever happened to be in the frig would be named off, "Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Pepsi, A&W, Mountain Dew...." and maybe even Coca-Cola, if it had been on sale the last time a shopping trip was made. 

So, as some people refer to it as "soda" and other people from other regions call it "pop", and even some others call it both, "soda pop",  we in our "region" called them all "a coke"...... 
BTW, most of the time, I call it by its full name when I refer to it, as "Coca-Cola", not as coke.

My collection began with Coca-Cola items, but quickly branched out to include all brands, especially the vintage ones.  It is my wish that the "big companies" had left the small ones alone, so we could still enjoy some of these drinks from long ago. But they have left us nothing more than the memorabilia that we collect.

And yes, I am and always will be "CokeGirl", a nickname given to me by my friends such long long ago, even BEFORE there was an Internet, or this webpage.

The images you will find here in these pages are from my own personal collection, and most of the graphics are done by me as well. I have tried to be as original as possible.

Now, with this said and done, ENJOY the website, and I hope you find something that interests you, or something you were looking to find.

Happy Collecting!

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