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Orange Crush

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Crush embossed bottle Crush-Crushy-facing-left.JPG (26154 bytes) Crush embossed bottle Crush embossed bottle Crush embossed bottle
Crush embossed ACL bottle Crush embossed ACL bottle from Mexico Crush_foreign_front.JPG (13492 bytes) Crush_foreign_back.JPG (13657 bytes)

Since 1916


  1. Orange Crush Co Bottle. 6oz. Embossed. "Pat'd July 20, 1920" Birmingham Ala.
  2. Orange Crush, 6oz, "Pat'd July 20, 1920" ("Crushy" faces left, with juice lines from the orange)
  3. O-C Beverages 7oz Orange Crush Co Bottle "Pat'd July 20, 1920"
  4. Orange Crush Bottle 6oz. "Pat'd July 20, 1920" Chattanooga (TN)
  5. Orange Crush Bottle 6oz "Pat'd July 20, 1920"
  6. Orange Crush Company Bottle. Amber embossed ACL. 7oz.1930s 65 6-1095
  7. Orange Crush 8oz Embossed ACL Orange Crush Company
    Evanston Ill '57 G-3064 Duraglas
  8. Crush Embossed ACL "Contenindo Neto" 355ml (Mexican)
  9. Crush, foreign bottle, front
  10. Crush, foreign bottle, back
     In 1916, Clayton J. Howell, president and founder of the Orange Crush Company, partnered with California chemist Neil C. Ward to incorporate the company. Ward, a beverage and extract chemist, perfected the exclusive formula that yielded the zesty, all-natural orange flavor of Orange Crush.

     C. J. Howell was not new to the soft drink business, having earlier introduced Howell's Orange Julep. Soft drinks of the time often carried the surname of the inventor along with the product name. Because Howell had sold the rights to use his name, Ward was given the honors and Crush premiered as "Ward's Orange Crush."

     Ward's Orange Crush success was remarkable. By 1918, it was available in Canada. Just eight years after introduction, Crush had established 1,200 bottlers through aggressive international expansion. In 1919, the Orange Crush Company commissioned artist Norman Rockwell to paint Crush print advertising for the leading magazines of the day.

     In the 1920s, `30s and `50s, Crush advanced into South America, Europe, New Zealand and Africa. The history of Crush in Latin America created a powerful brand name with Hispanics, who grew up with the drink in their home countries.

     The distinctive, patented Crush 7-ounce "Krinkly" glass bottle was used until 1955, when Crush International debuted its 10-ounce "Mae West" bottle. In 1993, Crush returned to glass with the introduction of the long neck packages.

     Lemon Crush and Lime Crush were introduced in 1919 and 1920. Grape Crush was introduced in 1960, Cherry Crush in 1962 and Pineapple Crush in 1966.

     In 1989, Cadbury Beverages acquired Crush USA, from Procter and Gamble. Cadbury Beverages revived the Crush flavor line tradition with colorful new packaging graphics and new Crush Tropical Punch and Crush Peach.

      Today Orange Crush in the "Mae West" bottle is marketed through the Premier Brands unit of Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. Crush in cans is bottled through various bottling systems in the United States.

Lime Crush sign 1920s Chocolate Crush sign 1930s Orange Crush sign 1920s

Above Left: Lime Crush Sign. 1920s. (N. Rockwell)
Middle: Chocolate Crush Sign. 1930s.
Right: Orange Crush Sign. 1920s

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1. orangecrush-flavorbott.jpg (55405 bytes)

3. 4. Crush cworncaps
2. PLcrush-2.jpg (15421 bytes)

     1. One variety of an Orange Crush flavor bottle
     2-3. Close- up of paper label Crush Dry and bottle 
     4. Assorted Orange Crush crown caps
     5. Amber Orange Crush gallon jar.
     6. Early Orange Crush tin sign
     7. Orange Crush celluloid sign, circa 40s
     8. Ward's Lemon Crush dispenser
     9. Ward's  Orange Crush dispenser
    10. Orange Crush button sign

5. Crush-gal-jar.jpg (17108 bytes) 6. crushy-1.jpg (116278 bytes)
7. crushy-2.jpg (138289 bytes) 8. lemon-crush-disp.jpg (32912 bytes)

9. Wards-Orange-disp.jpg (64919 bytes)

10. O-C-sign.jpg (105731 bytes)

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