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Bireley's Embossed ACL bottles

- Bireley's 6 3/4oz Embossed ACL '64 G1663-3
- Bireley's 9oz Embossed ACL '57 243-B-9 Asheville NC

- Bireley's crowncaps

- Bireley's embossed bottle

- Below: Bireley's signs

     Bireley's was a pasteurized fruit drink made from blended fruit juices, and was not carbonated. It was not necessary to bottle it in crowned bottles, although there are embossed and ACL crowncap soda bottles for Bireley's as well as the milk type bottle, shown above on the right.
     A search of eBay auctions has indicated a price range for these bottles of $5-9.
     It also seems that Bireley's is still available in Japan. 

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