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My mother used to say of her in-laws: "They think they are related to everybody in the county"... You know I think they were!... LColey

family 807 - hh JOHN JACKSON; wife REBECCA (Lytle) JACKSON is a daughter of James Litle and Elizabeth Rushing; MARTHA LYTLE JACKSON is daughter of John and Rebecca. She md Robert Cannon "Bob" Garrett
family 808 - hh WILLIAMS JACKSON; wife DRUCILLA (Lytle) JACKSON is daughter of James Litle and Elizabeth Rushing; 20 yr old DRUCILLA Emily "Dovie" JACKSON is a daughter of Williams and Drucilla. She md Joseph Kimmins. A M S JACKSON is Amana Melissa Susan Jackson, a daughter of Williams and Drucilla, who md William Richard Poplin.
family 809 - hh JOHN NANCE; wife JULIA Ann (Jackson) NANCE is a daughter of Williams and Drucilla (Lytle) Jackson.
family 813 - J. A. BOYCE and ELIZA (Louiza) DUNN
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family 814 - William Clifford Cook, Elizabeth Putman Cook, Minerva Cook (married W. M. Boyce)James P Cook (married Cenia Ann Bailey), Angeline Cook (never married had one daughter/Angeline lived to be 100 years old), Joseph Knox Cook (married Emily C. Lamb), Jefferson Gideon Cook (married Martha Hale), Lurena Jane Cook (married George W. Williams), William Green Cook (married Jane Bell King) and Cass Buchanon Cook (1st wife Clamenza Anetah Wheelhouse....2nd wife Laura Wheelhouse was 1/2 sister of his deceased 1st wife...
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family 815 - William Benson King, Eliza Jane Manire King, Susannah Rebecca King (married Thomas H. James), Minerva M. King (married Andrew Fuller), Stephen Robert King (1st wife was named Mollie McCubbin), Jane Bell King ( married William Green Cook whose family is living next door to her in this census year), Margaret Jordan King (married Wm. Leroy Foster) and Richard Nance King (1st wife was Parra Elizabeth Cook)...
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family 835 - hh D C JACKSON is David Crockett "Crock" Jackson; wife NANCY (J Wood) JACKSON
family 852 - JAMES P TAYLOR; MARGARET ADELAIDE (Ransom) TAYLOR wife; MARY ADELAIDE E TAYLOR, daughter, md James Knox Polk Lytle; CHARLES NEWTON TAYLOR, son, md Emma F. McClain; William V "Billy" Taylor, son; James Washington "Jimmy" Taylor, son, md Rebecca "Becky" Jackson; John W (Henry?) Taylor, son
family 858 - MILLY ANN (Hale) LYTLE widow of Able Litle/Lytle, JAMES KNOX POLK LYTLE, son, md Marry Adelaide E Taylor; HARVEY M W LYTLE, son; WILLIAM ABLE LYTLE son
family 859 - DELILA "Dillie" (RAY) LYTLE widow of William Litle/Lytle, AMANDA FRANCES LYTLE, daughter md, Robert D King; JAMES ROGERS, s-i-law; JEMIMA (LYTLE) ROGERS, daughter
family 893 - CATHERINE "Kitty" KNOTT b1856 d04/26/1928 md JAMES WILLIAM ELMORE b08/05/1852 d02/22/1932
family 895 - W C KNOTT - The census reports this couple married within the census year.
family 896 - Debra at reports this name should be spelled "Thomason" and this head of household is JAMES S THOMASON b1836 while the 19 year old female in this house is James's wife MARGARET CAROLINE WEAVER b10/16/1840.
family 897 - 58 year old ALFRED RANSOM's wife is 52 year old SALLY SNELL. 18 yr old S J SNELL is unknown. Alfred and Sally (Snell) Ransom are said to have had no children.
family 901 - 42 year old ALFRED POPLIN's wife is 38 year old MARTHA RANSOM.
5 yr old Tennessee Poplin's full name is LOUVENIA TENNESSEE POPLIN. Called "Tennie". She md JOHN THEOPILUS TAYLOR.
1 yr old Alfred Poplin, Jr is ALFRED LEE POPLIN. He md LILLIE BATTE
family 907 - 34 year old R D Rucker is Drucilla Jackson, daughter of John Jackson and Rebecker Lytle
family 910 - Kimbro Allison was one of the older men who joined the Confederate Army to help organize and train the younger men. He intended to return home when his enlistment was up but he and his brother, Tom, became ill (possibly measels) and Kimbro died.
Kimbro's wife 32 year old E A Alison is Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Jackson daughter of family #807.
family 922 - Debra at reports ONA THOMASON is the mother of J S Thomason of family #896. A T and B R Thomason are unidentified as is J L Taylor
family 924 - Debra at believes the 15 year old female (E A Little) is Emily Little who later md the 15 year (G B Weaver) Green Weaver, listed here in this household. It is not known why the Weavers are living in this Little household but it is believed E A (Emily) Little must be the niece of Alfred and Emaly as Emily's parents are believed to be Samuel Little and Elizabeth Boone.