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Welcome to the home of Tikvah BBG #181

Baby got Tikvah

"We love the men of AZA. Beatles cheese and sporks. We are both queens and dorks. We are Jessica's girls. Charlie's angles of the world. Red and black they are our jerseys. Our men they ARE NOT WORTHY!"

Hey! it is I, your lovely new N'siah, Jessica, here to change the page up just a wee bit. This is Tikvah BBG #181's homepage. Thank you for coming, for whatever reason . . . if it's to get your phone committee, look around, or just 'cause you can . . glad your here! enjoy the site! Have fun!!

Tikvah just elected a brand new board!
Jessica Nicole Lipscomb- N'siah
Jennifer Renee Lazar- S'gaint
Stephanie Wiener- Aym-Hachavairot
Laurie Tabachnick- Mazkirah
Erin Leigh Parker- Gizborit

E-mail me whenever!

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