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Pics and Stats

Just exactly who are the Derellicts? What do they look like? Why DO they look like that? What instruments do they play? Why do cats purr? These questions will be answered below.

Brad Smith: vocals, keyboards, accordion, harmonica, melodica piano, percussion

Brad Smith, somewhere between the age of 5 to 21, was born some time ago in someplace neither Jamey or myself can remember. Brad is the most lyrically creative of the Derelllicts. Some examples of Brad's spontaneous consistent songs include: The Insane Song, Understand Me, Apocalypse Wow, and Jamaica vs. Hillshire Farms.

James Coffman: Jamey Coffman, well...I don't think Brad or myself really know anything about Jamey's origins. He's an exceptional guitar player and, when we sit down sometimes and do write a song that isn't improvved, an interesting lyricist. Some of Jamey's greatest songs include: Pie, Daycare 1983 (from It's Over and Done), Disco '99, and The Drunken Fart Song.

Jared Colinger:

Jared Colinger,elected the most musical of the Derelllicts, is a deer. Some of his best songs include: Slightly Chilled, 00JB, Vandals!, Another Day in Purgatory.