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What's New

The Derelllicts broke up in the spring of 2000. However, things are still happening with their music, so check this page often for anything new.
*The complete history of The Derelllicts can now be read in the SOAPBOX section. Parts 4-7 are now finished.
*The Forgotten Sessions, A Day In The Life Of St. Francis Of Assisi, and The Great Gatsby Project have been added to the Derelllicts Albums and Films list at the bottom of the homepage.

*I've added to Part 3 of The History of The Derelllicts. It now includes the rest of our junior year in high school. Also I'm in the process of compiling a box set of every recording we made. It's all on cassette and at the moment I've copied 21 tapes so far. I've got about 10 more to go, but this is something I've needed to do for Brad and Jamey. I've always given them edited copies of whatever we did, leaving out the conversations inbetween. We're dealing with memories here. Brad's been in Prague for a month and I heard from him last night. He wrote me an email from an internet cafe in Vienna, Austria. How cool is that? Also Jamey Coffman...Mister Coffman is alive and well and in Texas. He finally got in touch with me over email and we've been talking back and forth. It's been great talking to old friends. Be on the lookout for more writings from Jamey and Brad in the SOAPBOX.

*Part 3 of The History of The Derelllicts is finished and part 2 has been edited for Jared's memory blew a gasket and got things mixed up in the band's timeline of infamy. To check it out, just go to the SOAPBOX.

*A new story from Jamey called "Dog" and "Hot Shot Mama" by Jamey and Brad have been added to the SOAPBOX.

*Jamey Coffman has gotten back in touch with Jared and has composed a new story called "Benjamin" which can be read in the SOAPBOX or by clicking on the link.

*The lyrics for We're Back and We're Pissed are now complete in the Lyrics Archive

*Jared is finishing up a new song called "Geraldine" he and Brad have been collaborating on over the past couple months via email. Brad has written the lyrics and Jared has written the music.

*Back over Thanksgiving of 2001, a girl named Kellie emailed The Derelllicts wanting a CD of our music to play on her college radio station 93.9 WQKE in Plattsburgh, NY. After questioning and much deliberation, Jared remastered tracks and sent the CD. It was apparently played and became one of the station's favorites. Here's a snippet from an email Kellie sent us:
    "I received your cd and it was great. Your band is definitely one of the favorites on my show. I play you guys on my Sunday show (the show where I play unsigned/underground bands) but now I also try and play you guys during my other shows that I have on weekdays. We give our listeners a chance to call/IM us and all the feedback we have gotten about your band has been positive. Thanks again for taking part in my show and sending me a cd. -Kellie Brauchle"
*Jared has started redesigning the website. You will find an improved Lyrics Archive and Soapbox Archive.

*The Soapbox Archive has three new articles. Parts 1 and 2 of The History of The Derelllicts and A Day At The Beach Memoirs by Jared Colinger.

*We received an email from a place called Two Big Toes which offers to sell our CDs in a downloadable format for $9.99. Brad and Jared are still contemplating this venture.

*Jared is in the process of copyrighting The Derelllicts Plattsburgh WQKE CD.