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TennGuy's Place

Hi everybody, and thanks for visiting my page. It's still under construction, and probably always will be, so bear with me and check back every once in a while to see what additions I've come up with.

You are the person to visit my page. Hey, what's wrong with this stupid counter? Oh forget it, and enjoy the rest of my site.


My name is Steve , known around the web as TennGuy, and I currently work in government administration as an elected official in a small county in Tennessee. I'm not really what you would normally consider a politician. I'm just an average guy who wants to work for the betterment of his community, but I do love the political arena. Man, am I ever glad I didnt' enter this recent presidential race. I've got enough problems as it is. Anyway, if you'd like to know a little about where I live, click here. The site is still being developed, but it will give you some idea as to where I am. Keep checking back for new additions. And, if you'd like to know more about the Great State of Tennessee, just click on the red button.


Oh, so you'd like to see some pictures of me, huh? Well, just click on any one of the cameras below. It's only fair to warn you, though, these aren't for the faint of heart or those with a weak stomach. And, mothers, be sure to cover your children's eyes.

Here's a picture taken for publicity during my last political campaign.

Clowning around at the office during the Christmas Holiday.

This one was taken at our most recent Civitan Halloween party.

Getting an award for serving as an officer on the State Board for elected officials.

This one was shot just during one of my more "formal" deejaying shows.

This pic is me deejaying for a party at a friend's house.

On Vacation in Las Vegas in September of 98.

Delivering Christmas packages to the nursing home with for our local Civitan club.

WARNING!!! This is a NUDE PIC....please be sure no one's peeking.

I didn't have a picture of me actually working at the office, but the image above pretty much illustrates what a typical day at work is like for me.


.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

I also own a mobile disc jockey company, called Music On The Move, and I travel around the area playing music for parties, wedding receptions, reunions and stuff like that. This started out as a hobby, but has grown into quite an undertaking. But, it's a lot of fun, and I've met some really wonderful people though my deejay work. If you'd like to visit my Disc Jockey Page, click on ol' Goofey up there. And, by the way, if you're planning a party, be sure to give me a call. I'd love to party with you.

My other interests are many and varied, but due to work loads and my deejaying, I don't have a lot of time to pursue them. However, when possible, I enjoy just getting out and exploring the world around me. I love to travel, and I love to meet new and fascinating people.

Some of the activities that I do enjoy when time permits is working with our local Civitan Club, Chamber of Commerce, and Boy Scout Troop. Our Civitan Club is very active here and we sponsor many activities that raise funds to support the club's charities which include Special Olympics, Boy Scouts, various school-related activities, and much more. The club also hosts an area-wide Special Olympic Games, and I really enjoy working with these special people and love those hugs that I get as they cross the finish line after competing in a race. Want to learn more about Civitan International and joining or forming a club in your area, click on the Civitan logo below.

Although not as active as I use to be, I also enjoy working with the local Boy Scout Troop here, Troop 772. I was fortunate enough to serve as Scoutmaster for about ten years, but due to work loads, had to resign that post. I'm now the troop's Committee Chairman and still like to go camping with them whenever my schedule allows. If you'd like to visit my Scouting Page, click here. And, if you'd like to know more about the Boy Scouts and it's programs, click on the Boy Scout symbol.

I am also a member of the Sam Davis Lodge of the Knights of Pythias. This is a fraternal order which was founded following the Civil War, and it is based upon the principals of friendship, charity and brotherhood. Click on the KP logo above to learn more about this wonderful organization and to see if a Lodge meets in your area.

When I do have the time, I love to get on the computer and chat. Be sure
to look me up in some of my favorite chat rooms listed in other places around my page,
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Or, if you'd prefer, click on the fisherman below, and send me an e-mail.

Either way, I'd love to hear from you.


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Oh, alright!!!! So, I teased you with the other NUDE PIC. Here is the real one you've been waiting for......just click on the camera. And, again, please be sure no one's peeking.

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