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Welcome to the Tekno Interactive Stories. This site contains stories based on things much like the things Star Wars is based on. The settings are in the future, however, and we are dealing with more settings on Earth than on other planets. Rest your mind and read over some of the stories. When you find the story you would like to post a chapter to, click on the link to the choice you would like to write about, and follow it. You will be taken to a form for writing. Use this form to write your story. If you haven't written before, you may want to read over some chapters or read a writer's guide. It would be preferable for you to know how to write fairly good, so that the stories go one for a while before I have to take them down. Most of them will probably last about six months to a year before an ending is added to them.

Note: This site is very new, and I have not had time to add links to all of the stories, nor have I had time to start all the stories. In a little bit, everything will be fine. Sorry for the inconvience, but you may want to come back in a day or so. I still need a little time to get the site going. Thanks.

Choose a story below. These stories are based on earth. To read and post to a story on another planet, go below these stories and make a choice.

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