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Teenagers and Depression

Depression is a medical condition which effects 10 percent of people in Britain at some time of their lives . Think about that for a while, 10 percent is a vast amount to be suffering from a single illness, it is the equivalent of one person out of every 10 you know. In America surveys have suggested that it is even more common, affecting up to 20 percent of the population at any one time. It is an all too common myth that Depression is simply all in the mind and if you feel low you just need to snap out of it, this just simply is not true. From my own experience I have found that especially if you are a young person in particular a teenager, depressive symptoms can all too often be attributed to you just Ďbeing a teenager and having mood swings.í Of course a certain amount of the time it is true that you will be irritable or moody due to the hormonal changes happening at this time of your life , as well as all the other changes that you have to go through, but it is not normal to be feeling low all the time or even feeling suicidal. These kind of symptoms are not ones that you should be expected to put up with as part of growing up.

Depression is defined as:

"Psychol. a state of extreme dejection or morbidly excessive melancholy; a mood of hopelessness and feelings of inadequacy, often with physical symptoms ."

This is an adequate definition if you are going to give a definition of a mental illness. Personally I feel that you cannot really explain what depression is in dictionary terms, it is not the kind of illness where there are straightforward physically noticeable symptoms. One of the reasons that I have started this page is because I feel that there need to be a page on the net for people to come to and be able to express themselves. Depression can be a very isolating condition and I know that it can be very difficult to find the nerve to seek out help. If you have anything to contribute to this page you can send it to be at the address below and Iíll put it up on the page. You can contribute anything that you feel is relevant, poems, real life experiences, people that you admire and you feel have helped you, books that you have read, anything that you feel would be of use or interest to anyone else.

Please remember that however bad you are feeling, you are not alone and there are people out there who will help you. The Samaritans is charity which runs a suicide prevention program and has branches all round the world. You donít even have to be feeling suicidal to speak to them, you are guaranteed of your identity being protected and they are there twenty four hours a day to talk to. The national British lo-call number is 0345 90 90 90 . There are also regional branches and other branches around the world. They also have a e-mail service at which they can be contacted, you can even use this service anonymously. Please click on their logo to reach their page and find more information about this service if you would like to write to a trained counsellor.

This page is being assessed as part of my communication project so please send me any feedback about this page, let me know how it can be made more helpful to you. If you have any contribution to add to this page please send them to the address at the bottom of the page.

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