The Campy Creep Scrapsbook

Aaaahh. .. this is the creep .. campy that is, eye guess, well yeah it is? Some of you may been wondering what? your's truly has been up to? Well so do I! Actually that would be nothing... I got my 10 seconds of fame, a couple o times, but now I have been just killing ... time that is with both thumbs up my nestles ave, well 1 at the moment...I didn't OD or end up in the Gutter or take up part time residence in a dead end alley, what a bummer, it just makes you want to kill someone! But hey family I'm hanging around waiting, but not dangling...yet. So if anybody needs the best worst host or strangest mc for your horror related bloody function give me a jiggle. Even though old campy hasn't gone anywhere doesn't mean I don't have pictures! I plan on giving you a new scrapbook of my best trips that I never went on? until then please enjoy the old crap below over & over & over...


Bob & Becky (blurry ass photo courtesy of tc)

yours truly & ivone craig aka bat..lady

This would be my first photo with Tonya Roberts, but the battery died ... fffuuuudgge!

Bob like drunk with that soultaking maniac cop, Robert Zdar

Yes it is Julie Newmar aka the only true Cat Lady!
yes, I still want to do her, I mean that with the utmost respect!

Fob the Bucker takes photo number 2 of me & Tonya Roberts*
*(she is the blurred angel to your left)

TC like drunk with that soultaking maniac cop, Robert Zdar too?
or maybe just a friendly gay couple hanging out at the bar?

The 1 & only Traci Lords seems easier on the screen
Also seemonly not so happy to be conning....
She didn't even invite us into her orifice ... office?

This would be a photo of Gil Girard, if 1 had been taken!

and this would be Erin Gray, see previous photo for more info!?

Finally after letting the friendly beast master eat my eyeballs, she agreed to photo #3

In honor of our sweet lord..s ...there's more to cu...come!

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*note about main picture or that one closest to the top of this page ... yes that is I or some one or thing pretending to be .. wait now.. thaaat iisss ... as i'm looking closer ... IT IS ME, HOLY HOTDOG & DIG DUGS!.. I'm at the portal of the dead or for the lame-man it is the gates, well the big effin' stone monumental sign thing... I don't think they have a gate? .... ? ....? aahhh well if you drive up that crappy driveroad that can't be seen to the right of the guy in the picture, oh yeah me I'm the guy or the thing that is supposed to be a guy is me, well if you go up there a ways, there's a cemetery where they filmed "The Night of the Living Dead", yes the zombie movie filmed by George Romero or a cameraman? Oh wait they didn't make the whole flick there, just the beginning in case you're stupid and didn't know that, or a pimply A-hole that doesn't even care anyway, no offense! Sew if you are like near Pittsburgh go north up like eye-seventy-nine & like watch for an "Evans City" exit sign, not to be confused with Bob Evans that fondles your sausage .. oh yeah watch for that sign I mentioned already, but don't forget to turn off at the exit. After that yer on yer own, sorry not sure of my direction between ramping & the non-gate, because of the blindfold .. I did however manage to use my other 5 senses! I heard the sound of running water .. and let see...while flying my WWII fighter hand plane out the window, it crashed into what hurt like a mailbox at 60 mph ... ahhh ...anyway then the smell of roadkill, not that hard to find flick with Joey Ramone, you know something that got hit by a common "I hate animals" jackass in his big truck with a little dink or some stoned loser in his shitbox mini-van, that didn't have time to miss the little bass terd, because they zoned out, when they saw the gleamimg headlight reflection in the little critters "Oh animal god is that you?" eyes, but that doesn't matter, for now it is a buzzing lump lying in the sun on the hot black top.. way too long... you try straddling it .. but it is so bloated with the gas from it's rotting busted guts inside it catches the underside of .......... anyway then I got a vomit taste in my mouth, finally mentally I felt odder than usual.... well so I reckon to get there just look for some water, probably still running, then a mailbox with dents like the end of an idiot's fingers that were breaking the speed limit, possible including small bits of campy flesh... ...then what used to be a varmint, stray puppy or someone's cat fluffy's fuzzy highway just go until you find a pile of old puke & finally, if you've got that lost or confused feeling in your brains, then you are probably there? Have fun & may a zombie eat whatever brains you may have in your skull at the time it will be 4:00 AM ...

this page started 013004 by campy the creep that is!