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The X-Files
Note: I do not own The X-Files or the characters (especially John!) despite repeated requested to the FBI, Santa Claus,  the Easter Bunny, Great Pumpkin, Cupid and sundery Greek deities. Sigh...I do not make any money from this. Trust me. Sue me and the most you'd get would be my insane cat. Hehehe...
However *all* non canon characters are my creations.
Sentinel of The Potomac  An AU in which John Doggett is married to a Canadian police detective named Anne Marie Langdon ( you can also see Annie in The Counterparts Sentinel AU ). Annie is a Sentinel (A person with extremely heightened senses) but the series focuses primarily on their marriage and how John's assignment to the X-Files complicates things.

The Chloe Series A series of stories set in Season 8 (so far) which feature an Original character who is an old friend of both Mulder & Scully.

The Homecoming Series
Note: This AU Series is my own attempt to explain what happened to Samantha -- therefore, in this AU, the episode Closure never happened. Oh, and you might need a bit of a familiarity with Stargate SG~1, and the Tok'ra, but overall, it shouldn't be too confusing to read.

Miracle of Mine/Child of My Heart A Dark Angel Crossover Duology. DSR (Doggett/Scully) Alternate Universe fic. Four years after the birth of Dana's daughter, she and her husband John reflect on their lives. 

The Washington Letters Series co-written with Azar.
Letters. Doggett's correspondence with an old friend helps them both deal with the changes and challenges in their lives. Crossover with The Sentinel . *Not Yet Online*

Reyesian RamblingsAfter meeting Mulder, Monica Reyes reflects on her reaction to him, and wonders about the reaction he may have had to her. (MRR Mulder/Reyes)

The Hour Of The Wolf: Dana After the events of Existence (a week or so later) Dana Scully does a little reflecting on her thoughts and feelings.

Safety and Security A Sickfic present for a friend. Dana's down with a bad flu, Mulder's MIA, Mrs. Scully's on her way out of town so who takes care of her? John. (DSR)

A Simple Truth a fic written for the first ever DSR-Lyric Wheel. In their dreams, John and Dana deal with the demons they believe are keeping them apart. (DSR.) 

The Comfort Of Friends An old friend shows up in D.C. and Monica needs to talk. (Skinner/Reyes UST, Doggett/Scully UST)

The First Of Many Remembering the first of many. (DSR)