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Lingering Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

Sometimes the hardest path to choose is the path that is most rewarding, in my case - the healing path. I did not decide that my childhood trauma was actually considered sexual abuse, like many victims until I was an adult (31 years old). Like many others, I did not have a proper understanding of what child sexual abuse was. My marriage had fallen apart, I was faced with losing my house, career, husband, marriage and friends. I did not know that less violent acts such as unwanted touching, voyerism, forced watching of adult materials, erotic spankings, fondling, or using the child to make obscene materials could cause all of the same lasting effects that a rape or molestation caused to a developing child. Sexual abuse is any Sexual act with a child that is performed by an adult or an older child. It is an abuse/misuse of Power and is a planned and manipulative act. When I sought marriage counseling, I was very fortunate to have chosen a very good therapist who also was certified in domestic violence, addictions, and had many years experience working with sexual abuse victims. He never pushed me, letting me come to my own conclusions. I educated myself along the way, and found that like many other victims, I did not know that a lot of my life's problems could be traced back to my childhood traumas. I have included a list of some common effects of early abuse, I hope if you read yourself in many of these items listed, like I did, you will seek out a qualified, caring therapist to help begin your healing journey.....

If this sounds like you or someone you know, I hope you will seek professional services, after all, we SURVIVORS deserve a long rewarding life, full of all the things life has to offer us!