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Art Therapy Healing Links

British Assoc of Art Therapists

Vicky's page in the UK

Art Therapy For Neurological Services

New England Art Therapy Institute

Boston Institute for Art Therapy

American Art Therapy Association

Art Therapy Graduate Schools

Artists are constantly influenced by both the conscious and UNconscious mind. The art therapist must understand the unconscious influences on an client. This requires knowledge of techniques, methods and substantial understanding of the psychological methods used today. They need to be able to work in a variety of mediums and know their materials and have a good understanding of art forms and functions. They help the client interpret the imagery to what is appropriate for them, helping to translate symbolism from the unconscious mind and bring it in everyday reality with clues to the understanding of the metaphors.

Art therapists should be highly trained in art and psychology, with internships, master's degree or equivilant experience and supervised employment before eligibile for credentials. Credentialed art therapists are recognized the letters A.T.R which means they have registered with the American Art Therapy Association.

As an artist for the last few years, I have become very interested in healing from trauma with art therapy. There are several graduate programs now available in the USA as well as Canada for those who may be interested in further research. I have listed some sources here that you may wish to explore as a starting point.