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StreetLight Entertainment

StreetLight Entertainment, based in West Tennessee, is an organization focusing on providing positive music for the public. Two StreetLight owners have branched out and are setting up offices in Central Florida. Look for new music in Orlando and surrounding areas.

StreetLight specializes in several styles of musical entertainment including: rap, R&B, contemporary gospel and love ballads. StreetLight also produces new artists.


StreetLight Entertianment has four owners:

Andre' Gross, CEO

Tearte Gross

Joe Hicks

and Katrissca Gross, Public Relations

Below are several projects that have been released by StreetLight Entertainment. Several singles are receiveing air play on Kix 96 FM in Jackson, Tennessee.

Tapes and CDs can be purchased at CD Warehouse in Jackson or by e-mail:

Compilation Album

The Compilation Album features several talents from StreetLight. It includes R&B and rap cuts such as "Ghetto Got 'Em Crazy" and "Paradise." With 8 jams, this CD is taking West Tennessee by storm.

Price: $8.00 tape $10.00 CD

Ain't Nothing Free

Bambino Black busts onto the rap scene with this hot new single. He gets real with his words and a catchy hook. Al Wilder of Jackson is the man on background vocals. During a live performance in Memphis this single received much props.

Price: $4.99 Tape $5.99 CD

Ain't Nothing Free

TeTe puts his lyrical skills to the mic with this upbeat jam. He comes with strong words and a strong message. "Be Yourself" is a jam that could take over the nation. Price: $$4.99 Tape $5.99 CD

God is Love

Joe Hicks adds the gospel link of StreetLight with his new single "God is Love." He works with the dynamic voices of the Booth Girls. Steeped in faith and the word, this single is getting rave reviews from listeners of Kix 96.

Price: $4.99 Tape $8.99

For more information on StreetLight Entertainment send your e-mail to:
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