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Did this to help you study baby. Cause I love ya!!


The first part of this powerpoint and test generalizes you with the facts of crisis. Which seem to be the underlying factor of this entire section. You teacher's brilliant powerpoint defines this as "any stressful situation." Fucking duh. But let's get to more important stuff. * Like the fact that you as a nurse can provide problem solving which promotes mental growth of the afflicted person and can assist in their self esteem. Why do people enter crisis? Because they are exposed to a traumatic stressor to which previous outlets of stress reduction do not work.


Here's a little Comcast Movie Break!!!! Yeah!!!!!


So before we were aware that Comcast is ran by mentally handicapped blind, deaf, and dumb orphans we signed up for their service. In case you didn't know, once you sign up with Comcast Service they assign you a setup appointment. I think ours was like sometime during the month of October during the hours of 8 a.m. to Midnight. We were lucky enough to get it turned on. Something like one TV at a time. Cutting on more than one TV on per day was to mentally challenging for these fuckfaces so sometime like two weeks later everything was on and working. WOW is that ON DEMAND just BREATHTAKING!!!!!!


Another wonderful Comcast Movie break, sponsored by you local cable service provider. Remember to KEEP IT LOCAL!

So defying all odds our cable actually worked properly for like 3 1/2 months. Then February came, first my roommate Jon's TV went out. The screen only said NO VOD SERVICE. Not too sure what that meant but whatever. So we called and the lady on the phone said it could be fixed over the phone. Guess what. Bullshit. We tried this probably a dozen times before they finally sent someone out to our house. They weren't able to fix the TV in Jon's room but amazingly the next day the internet stopped working. Well it didn't stop working completely, it would just not work during the hours of 5 p.m. to 4 a.m. I guess they considered this down time and it wasn't necessary for us to have internet during this time. This should be an easy fix right. Guess again!!!!


Boom!!! Here's another movie break sponsored this time by the telephonies. Can you believe they are trying to take over the cable industry.


So yeah, now Jon's TV isn't working and using the Internet isn't necessary in the afternoon. So a couple of calls later we get another employee to show up. He couldn't fix shit. He talked about Joe or some guy that knew how to fix it. Makes complete sense. Then it gets so much better. Oh so much better. Then two neighbors moved in. No big deal right. Not really. Well about a week after they moved in the shit hit the mother fucking fan. We have five TV's in the house. A big screen in the living room. One TV in mine and Lindsay's room. One in Jon's room. One in B-Mo's and one in Wil's. Jon's TV? NO VOD SERVICE. What does this mean? It's means a big fucking blank black screen. What about my TV? Well we had like maybe three of the "300 Brillant Channels" that worked. And by working I mean fucking frozen with static sound. The big screen in the living room? Well the ON Demand worked on it. I fucking guess we didn't need the HD channels on the HD TV we were fucking paying money for and the HDR we were fucking renting from them. Fucks sake. I don't really remember what was wrong with Wil and B-Mo's TV other than the fact that their service was fucked to. If the last stuff was an easy fix according to them then this should be a breeze. A mother fucking breeze. We were fucked.

Getting the idea yet?


So we got back on the phone again. One guy came out. He couldn't fix it. He sent another guy out. Same result. I think about seven more guys came out before one of them found the problem. Not a solution to the problem. Just why our cable was fucked. It seems that when our neighbors moved in Comcast decided that it would be easier to just split off our cable to the other two houses instead of installing new boxes for them. Therefor we had no fucking signal coming to our house. Makes complete fucking sense considering we pay these fuckheads almost $200 a fucking month for their service. Almost a week passed and nothing was fixed. It was mid March now. I wanted fucking cable. Some guy came out and said that all that was needed to fix this fucktrain was to crank the juice from the box to the house. Problem was he couldn't do it. He didn't have the training or equipment or something like that I don't really remember. So like three days later someone else came out and climbed the pole and cranked the juice to our house. Yep that didn't work. So he set us up with someone else who would come buy in a couple of days or so. That douchebag came. He couldn't fix it either. But he figured out how to fix the problem. It was an easy fix. We only had to pay something like $100 dollars for a cable signal booster and an installation fee for it. SO BECAUSE THESE FUCKING FUCKFACE, COCKSUCKING, CUNTFUCKINGFACES ROUTED THREE HOUSES FROM ONE FUCKING BOX BECAUSE THEY WERE TO FUCKING LAZY AND CHEAP WE HAD TO PAY MORE FUCKING MONEY FOR A FUCKING CABLE SIGNAL BOOSTER. FUCK CUNTFUCKINGFACES. Are you fucking serious. The upside was that we got to keep the cable signal booster when we were done. What the fuck am I going to do with a cable fucking signal booster? What the fuck ever. So about two weeks later they finally came and installed the signal booster. At first nothing worked. So they came back the next day. The guy was miraculously able to fix all of the TV's but one, but the internet didn't work yet. So he set us up with another guy the next day. Somehow by the grace of Jesus Christ himself we fixed the internet and the other TV ourselves that night. By the way the guy spent an hour trying to fix the internet. I just unplugged it and plugged it back in. That was secret. Now everything was fixed, except for the billing.

Click below to see that awesome, clear, HD, comcastic picture you get with Comcast Digital Service.


About the time that our cable service was finally fixed we got the statement that our cable bill was overdue. Obviously we didn't pay them anything the whole time our service was fucked, so now they were expecting payment for the two months we were stuck with NOT SHIT ON DEMAND. After several calls we got nowhere. All the sons of bitches said they had no clue what we were talking about and one even went as far as to say that Comcast was keeping records of all the calls and that all we did was complain. He said my girlfriend was a bitch and that "This wasn't a war we were going to win." So I took my ass up to the local payment center where I was prepared to pay for the bill entirely in pennies. Only fair I figured. As I lugged the pennies in and stacked them on the counter I explained to the lady why I brought two very heavy boxes of pennies. She actually understood and prorated the two months we didn't have service. She was wonderful. We thought that everything was fixed now. HA HA HA HA HA Never. With Comcast nothing is never ever ever ever fucking over.

To see how the Local Tennessee Comcast is protecting your identity watch the video below. COMCAST CABLE--- YEAH IT'S FAST.

The video below is funny. I just wish they tried this hard to fix my fucking cable.


So we thought everything was fine and dandy. We even got the MLB package. I mean we were riding high. The the bill came. 327 Fucking dollars and 16 mother fucker cents. Are you fucking kidding me. They never prorated the bill. The lying fucking bastards. Are you motherfucking serious. So after a few calls and talking to Assistant Chris in the Comcast help chat room. The best answer I could get was that a bill went out on April 23rd and we missed it. Let me explain this to you.

On April 14th I paid $173.49 to make our bill current.

On April 28th we received a bill for $327.16 including an unpaid previous balance of $298.28.

According to Comcast we were current on April 14th.

But we missed a bill that was sent April 23rd that would explain the unpaid $298.28.

That bill wasn't the one we recieved on the 28th.

No it was the magical fucking phantom bill that explains it fucking all!!!!

I am going to try this one last time and then I'm going to the Better Business Bureau. and Oh yeah.

Fuck Comcast


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