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Ahhh the tiny buds of the Red Bud tree behind my house. Spring time in Tennessee is so pretty, but be aware allergy suffers!

The valley has changed once again from snow covered, dead, brown grass to the tender, fresh, green blades you now see. Breath taking I think.

Dogwood trees... my favorite! I took that after my late grandmother. She loved dogwood trees and always mades sure that her dogwoods were taken care of. My grandpa always teased her that he was going to cut them down. The day she passed away we all got freaked out. There across the rows of her dogwoods stretched a triple rainbow. Just a coincidence or a sign? All I have to say is those trees are still standing haha

A slightly better view of the valley. I am just amazed with the beauty of the fields and the budding trees in the back ground.

The most amazing part of spring... you walk out one day and there isn't a sign of life on the tree branches, but the next morning there are little dots of color every where.

Ahh... the Iris! Our state flower and one of my spring time favorites!

These are some wild lillies that just decided to grow in our yard. Simple, yet pretty.

I don't have a clue as to what these little purple flowers are, but I just thought that they were pretty.

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