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Prom and Graduation

Senior Prom 1999 "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

Boy we sure can clean up! haha Here we are at April's before prom. Starting at the top of the steps... April, Val, Richie, and me.

Amy doing her pinky wave.

Karen and Val... ok Karen we are NOT at a Kiss concert! :)

Group shot! Coleen, Karen, Angie, Kelley, April, me, Amy, Charity, and Val.

Now on to awards day before graduation. April, Shaun, me, and Jennifer. Shaun Bob I can't believe you are graduating this year! Good luck and Congrats!!

Stephanie and me before the graduation ceremony.

Just like sisters!! Me and Heather, my cousin, after graduation. Heather can you believe we are all grown up?!? It seems like yesterday we were pulling each other's braids and eating crayons... wait that WAS yesterday LOL I love you! Good luck and congrats on graduating this year!

Awww... Jonathan came in to see us graduate. I missed ya those last 2 years when you moved schools. I almost went nuts in homeroom!

Our last group picture before I depart. Stephanie's in the front, Kristi, Johnny is behind her, me, Jessica, and Shuan. I miss our crazy days guys! But I'll remember them always!

Heather... AWWWWW your Senior pic! Oh man this is gonna be strange... you are gonna be in college with me!! hehe