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Enjoying What Life Has to Offer

As we walk through life day by day, we encounter many people. Some of those we will only touch for the moment, others for a longer period. Friends will come and friends will go, but once you've found the ones you can trust in hold on to them for they are precious gifts that can not be replaced.

"Warning... be on the look out for two excaped loons!" haha Heather and I having fun in a photo booth at the local fair. The days of fun, food, and just hanging out being ourselves... it can't get any better than this.

Ahhh Halloween parties... time to kick back and dog pile on each other!!! Ashley, Kyle, Heather, and Me living it up at Heather's on Halloween.

This is my friend Aaron. We met my Sophomore year of high school in band and have been friends ever since. He is so nice and has a great sense of humor!

Heather and I at the lake getting some rays and enjoying swimming on a hot, lazy summer day. It was so peaceful there... just like a tiny bit of Heaven.

Who are those sexy people? hehe Heather and Kyle kicked back at the lake.

Panama City Beach, FL August 2002 I don't know if I can put what I felt into words when I saw this. It was so beautiful and peaceful! I felt so at ease and had the feeling that I am now on the right track. I felt that all my worries and regrets vanished at that point. It was very spiritual to me. I realized all the things that happened to me lately was done for a reason and it was ok to hurt, but now all that can come to an end because better things are comming my way. I felt so small, so fragile standing there. Childhood memories, past loves/memories of family members who have passed away and relationships that ended, and things to come rushed through me. All reminding me to cherrish the good feeligs and times and to learn from the "bad/hurtful" times. It was just... gosh I don't know breath taking, amazing, eye opening...

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