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Childhood Memories

Yes, I was little at one time ;) Ah to be that little again. To not be rushed to meet this deadline or to get there on time. To not know the meaning of late or rush. We've all forgotten what that is like in our now fast pace world. We run all day and most of the night to only lie down at night all stressed out and worry about this and that as we attempt to drift off to sleep. It is sad that we now honestly believe in the phrase "when you are born you begin to die."

My 1st Halloween! I will never forget those chilly Halloweens! All decked out in the year's most popular character or hero. Prancing around in the colorful fallen leaves. Breathing in the fresh crisp air and having the smell of apple cider fill my small nose. The thrill of ringing those door bells and knowing you are going to get a hand full of candy. You know the candy wasn't the best part to look forward to. For me it was being able to dress up like She-ra and be the warrior princess who will save the day. The sheer thrill of being "not me" for a night was enough to pump me up for hours upon end.

Daddy's little girl in Daddy's BIG boots! My poor dad... he could NEVER go any where with out me. I was "the boss!" haha I always had to tag along with him to the part store, fishing, out to the front yard, and any where else my little feet would take me. I'd stand for hours watching him work while thinking that he was the strongest man I knew. I would giggle with glee when he'd dab grease on my nose as he worked on the car. And worry when he was down and out. If he wasn't happy neither was I. As I've grown older we are still big buds... I still have to jump in the truck with him every now and then and tag along to the store. And he's still the strongest man I know.

I HAD to put this on here! When my mom and dad got the pictures back for some ODD reason this one had a reject sticker on it. Is that hinting something??? I've been called that before, but now... it is official!

Me and my grandmother trying to read to me. Ah the trips to grandma's house. The 2 hour drive always seemed as if it would never end, but once it did I was one happy camper! Ma would greet us at the door and have my "green salad" fixed for dessert. She'd pick me up and read to me... even though it was always the same book I listened very close. She was always glad to see me and I was always glad to see her too. I was so heart broken when I found out that she had cancer. She fought it for a long time, but breast cancer over came her and her life here on earth was cut short the summer of '95.

This is me and my brother. What happened to the days when we actually got along? You'd never get such a "sweet" picture out of us now! hehe I honestly don't know what happened over the years, but my brother and I have slowly grown appart from each other. We use to be the best of friends, but that soon ended and now it seems we have nothing in common. Don't get me wrong we talk and stuff, but you know it's just not the same. I'm more of an out going wanna be on the run kind of person where as he would rather just sit at home. I listen to any kind of music as loud as I can and he listens to country at a soft volume. I know we'd do anything for each other but the talking about our hopes and dreams no longer exists... we are lucky to get into a 5 minute conversation now days.

Ah the carefree days where a cuddley kitten was the only friend you needed for a tea party. I can just look at this picture and it reminds me of Kool-Aid stained faces, slip n' slides, pogo balls, and my little ponies. Those muggy summer days of going over to my cousin Heather and Jennifer's house and playing in the kiddie pool. Those days are gone and we can no longer play in the kiddie pool, but we can always have the memories and laughter of it all.

All dolled up for Easter. Who could forget hunting for Easter eggs and telling each other what we got from the "Easter bunny" in our baskets. It wouldn't be until later on that we were thrown into reality of what the adults (not even kin to us) did while we ran carefree in the yard picking up the brightly colored eggs. Their hurtful comments on who is gaining weight and those bucked teeth are going to cause her social problems stung our small hearts at the time. But we've grown up and we realize that it is all small town talk from small minded people. Their comments can not over come the fun and memories we have had.

It's CHRISTMAS!!! Sugar cookies, milk, Santa and Rudolph, trimming the tree, and turning on the Christmas lights. That was what I looked forward to. To wake up to the smell of pumpkin pie baking was the absolute greatest. Then run to the living room to see what Santa brought me and read his letter of thanks. I always asked for snow for Christmas, but got it once or twice haha Middle TN around Christmas isn't snow city. After breakfast we'd go to my grandma's house where we'd open presents and save every little scrap of paper for our Christmas paper fights! We'd eat lunch at her house and everyone would end up searching for the deviled eggs that my Uncle Harry always had to hide. Ahh the Holidays around my house and family LOL

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