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A Special Contralto Page

Contralto is the lowest pithced female voice. Contrary to popular belief, contralto is not the same thing as alto 2, but they are similar. Good range for a second alto is from about D flat or F below the G(treble)clef staff to E or F on the top line or space of the G clef staff. A solid contralto has a range from about B flat,C, or C sharp on the F(bass)clef staff to possibly a C or an E on the G clef staff. Because contraltos are few and far between, the lower notes on split alto parts are usually written within the second alto range.

A few contraltos & second alto that you may or may not have heard of!

Marian Anderson
Maria Trullu
Toni Braxton
And now, on to the men!
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