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To help with the rebuilding of the Bridgeton Bridge that was damaged by an arsonist, an online store has been set up with the proceeds going directly to the rebuilding project. Keep checking back as more items will be listed as quantities permit.

(Click on image for online store)

SPECIALS: The store has a couple specials through December 6th. (1) $10.00 off for any $40.00 purchase and Free Shipping on orders over $50.00. Please help spread the word for the holiday season. And be sure to preview the Covered Bridges Calendar. It's now available. Many of you have photos featured. The screensaver will be up and availble by next week. It has over 1,000 images in it and the purchaser can even add more photos of their own. It's very cool.

NEWSLETTER: Please take a minute to sign up for the store newsletter. Go To: and to the left is a link that invites you to join the store newsletter. You might want to uncheck the cafepress newsletter box or they will send you massive newsletters. The store newsletter will be a one page summary of sales, dollars generetd and have an article or tidbit of interesting information each week.