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(front)Wea Tribe at Terre Haute - This bountiful area on the Wabash River was occupied early by American Indians. French and later Americans recognized this strategic area called terre haute (high land). At least one Wea village was present in area by late 1700s. Wea Chief Jacco Godfroy and others ceded these lands to the U.S. in 1809. Town of Terre Haute platted by Americans 1816.
(back)Wea Tribe at Terre Haute - Before leaving for 1824 meeting with U.S. agents, Chief Jacco and others ran a notice in the Terre Haute newspaper, which said they were leaving their "wives and children in the white settlement and...solicit the white people not to mal-treat them." Most Wea were forced to move from Indiana. Descendents of Chief Jacco still live in Indiana.

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The birthplace of Paul Dresser

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