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Chauncy Rose
Home of early business and civic leader who built his fortune on honesty, frugality and hard work. He used his wealth generously for the care of orphans, medicine for the sick and the education of youth.

(left)The Bush Restaurant, 932 Locust - a favorite watering hole.
(right)Rea Park, 7th and Davis Avenue..

(left)Homey's BBQ, 13th and College (open only on T,F,S & S)
(right)Entrance to Ohio Blvd going east at 19th street

Can't you see it either?

Farmer's Market on North 2nd Street

And then there is the RailRoad Museum on the north side of Plum just east of 13th Street.

422 Wabash Avenue, once the Fountain Theater and now has in it's foyer the tile from what isbelieved to have come from the Nickeldom Theater that once stood where the old Tribune Building is located at 721 Wabash Avenue. It is also believed that the Fountain Theater open in 1912 about the same time the Tribune building was built.

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