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UPDATE - Bridgeton Covered Bridge Fire
May 25, 2005

As of today, May 25th, 2005, the debris from the burned out Covered Bridge has been removed, except for possibly a small amount in the water below the dam. Workers have worked steadily removing the debris.

(left)The workers even used chainsaws to cut the burnt timbers small enough to fit in their trucks

(left)Mike Roe, who along with his wife Karen own the Bridgeton Mill, has been talking to visitors all day. Mike told me the target date for having the new bridge built is June or July of 2006 in plenty of time for that years Covered Bridge Festival. He said once construction begins, it should only take a couple of months to complete it.
(right)Looking out the window from inside the Mill.

(left)Workers wading in the water removing more debris.
(right)l-r; Leroy Wilson, Mary Atkinson and Mary Wilson working the information and donation booth.

Mary Atkinson let me know to tell everyone that has any newpaper articles, etc. concerning the fire to please send them to her at: Mary Atkinson, PO Box 82, Bridgeton, IN 47836.
Mary also wrote a poem the morning the bridge was burnt:

Our Bridge

She was built long and strong in 1868
She became our Bridge in 1969
Weathering Natureís Sun, Wind and Rain
But couldnít weather one evil manís pain

Our kids played inside and out
They swam in the waters all about
Carving their names with loving care
Thinking she would always be there

An evil man trespassed inside
Violating her with flames and shame
Leaving only ashes, memories and name

Someday with love, prayer and faith
Out of the ashes another will rise
But she wonít take the place
Of the one of 1868

She also told me to remind everyone about the Bridgeton Community Day - An all-day benefit on Saturday, June 4th featuring a pancake breakfast from 8 a.m. til Noon and a Bar-B-Que Dinner from Noon until 5 p.m.
Wine tasting
and More!!
State Senator Timothy Skinner (D), State Represenrtative F. Dale Grub (D), Andrew Thomas (R), Tim Brown (R) and Bruce Borders (R) will be serving food and helping with activities.

Come on out and help rebuild the bridge with your contribution!

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