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Callahans Winter Holiday RS

Greetings, all and sundry!

I've already started making inquiries into hotel space. December is off-season for the Big Easy, so that will help a bit. My goal is to find something in the French Quarter or near enough to it to walk, with a nice courtyard where we can all gather as needed.

You do a lot of walking in New Orleans, at least I have when I've been there.

As I hear from y'all and get an idea of a headcount, there will be more info here. Meanwhile, there's some links to explore, and hopefully whet your appetite.

I'll also get some links up to the various tours and such that are available.

Some New Orleans Links

French Quarter
Court of Two Sisters--my all-time favorite restaurant
Discount Coupons for the area (travelling during the holidays isn't cheap)
General New Orleans Info (with search engine)
More General New Orleans Info (also with search engine)

Helpful Travel Links

Southwest Airlines
Travel Zoo