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Normally, I hate getting my picture taken. On the other foot, I've learned sometimes a picture is the best thing you can have to hold memories of a person. As I get permission to use pix my friends have taken, I'll be adding to it.

Updated at Last!

May 2000, taken by my Mildy Disturbed friend Paulerin. We spent a fabulous day together at the Tennessee Rennaissance Festival.

I never thought I'd do this . . .

The first weekend I moved to TN, (October 1997) I let myself get talked into a Glamour Shots sitting. I confess, I had a lot of fun.

One artist's rendering

Artwork here by my friend Dean Stahl, aka Wookiee. He asked what he should put in for props and such, and I said a book and a glass of champagne.

Deep in thought. . .

Meet Todd aka theRev, aka that little bastard that keeps falling out of touch. . . (got your attention, didn't I?). He's one of my favorite people on the planet, a fabulous writer and someone I'm priviledged to name among my best friends.

July 1999

This was taken on a lazy Sunday afternoon while the three of us, along with 45 of our friends were recovering from one amazing party. As Barbara (top) puts it, "We must have had fun, I feel like @#$%." In the center is Dusty, aka Warewolf . I can't explain him, his page does a pretty good job of it, though.


This is my friend ilanna aka Jamie, the one, the only, the stage managing do it all theatre mistress who ....Damn. LINE!!!! Anyway, besides sharing my tastes in books, TV & humor, she also takes some really neat pictures, which you can find here.