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Stormy Weather's
Selected Bibliographies

Highly Recommended Titles

William Bernhardt

Lois McMaster Bujold

Raymond E. Feist

The Riftwar Saga
Magician: Apprentice (author's preferred ed.) Magician: Master Silverthorn A Darkness at Sethanon
Stand-alone novels
Prince of the Blood The King's Buccaneer
with Janny Wurts
Daughter of the Empire Servant of the Empire Mistress of the Empire
The Serpentwar
Shadow of a Dark Queen Rise of a Merchant Prince Rage of a Demon King Shards of a Broken Crown
Riftwar Legacy
Krondor, the Betrayal

Neil Gaiman

Neverwhere (hardcover)

Neverwhere (paperback)

Smoke and Mirrors: short fictions & Illusions


Violent Cases

Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett)

Don't Panic: The Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Companion

Terry Goodkind

Wizardís First Rule



Stone of Tears



Blood of the Fold



Temple of Winds



Soul of the Fire


paperback not yet available

Laurel K. Hamilton

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

Guilty Pleasures

The Laughing Corpse

Circus of the Damned

The Lunatic Cafe

Bloody Bones

Killing Dance

Burnt Offerings

Blue Moon

Obsidian Butterfly

John D. MacDonald

The Deep Blue Good-By A Deadly Shade of Gold Pale Gray for Guilt. A Tan and Sandy Silence The Empty Copper Sea The Lonely Silver Rain
Area of Suspicion note: space/memory doesn't permit a complete listing, of titles published by this author.
Barrier Island Cape Fear (formerly titled The Executioners) Condominium The Crossroads (Black Dagger Crime)
A Flash of Green The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything Judge Me Not A Key to the Suite
One More Sunday Price of Murder Reading for Survival Seven
Slam the Big Door Wine of the Dreamers
Following are Out-of-Print Titles by this author. If you would like, can search its network of used bookstore contacts and, where possible, acquire the title for you. Click on a title to find out how.
All These Condemned Border Town Girl Cancel All Our Vows End of the Tiger and Other Stories
A Friendship : The Letters of Dan Rowan and John D. MacDonald 1967-1974 The Good Old Stuff (collection) The House Guests
More Good Old Stuff (collection) Where is Janice Gantry? You Live Once
The Travis McGee Series
Nightmare in Pink A Purple Place for Dying The Quick Red Fox
Bright Orange for the Shroud Darker than Amber One Fearful Yellow Eye
The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper Dress Her in Indigo The Long Lavender Look
The Scarlet Ruse The Turquoise Lament The Dreadful Lemon Sky
The Green Ripper Free Fall in Crimson Cinnamon Skin
While rumors abound 13 years after the death of the author, both John D. MacDonald's widow and son have stated there is no "Black McGee" in which Travis dies.


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