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silent friction-the thought that counts

all lyrics by matthew bell


fathers, hide your daughters


woah i think it's time i let her know

this has been going on for far too long

and it's wrong for her to keep on wasting tears

as the months turn into years

will she look back at a wasted life with him?


she's falling in the faultline

breaking to the punchline

dancing through the landmines

everything's wrong

and i always thought her

love was treading water

fathers, hide your daughters

we're coming on strong

and it's pissing off your boyfriend


flexing pecks, he's decked in

pennyloafers, sweater vests,

he's coming over, though her letter said that they were through

i don't think that he can even read

now i'm grinning in her room just thinking of her eyes and smile

i'd love to love her

when i make my move i'll smile and know that she's the only one i'll ever need

and that i'm pissing off her boyfriend


woah i think that everybody knows

that there's trouble in paradise tonight

i wish that i could see his face

when he pulls up to her place

and sees two figures in the window

getting it on


sleeping with the fishes


in the winter of our discontent

she placed her feet in wet cement

it hardened quickly, and so did she

she left the bridge in record time

now waterlogged i think she'll find

it's better to be on the floor of the sea


she's falling faster, i can't catch my breath

splash in the water


all my love and my best wishes

beautiful dreams as she sleeps with the fishes

she's fallen from above and i'm drowning in her love

and from the bridge i blow her kisses

all the sharks think she's delicious

she's better off somehow

sleeping with the fishes now


all in all it's not that bad

she always like seafood and now she's at

an all-you-can-eat buffet, forever

and she always liked scuba diving

but ocean life's about surviving

so i'm sad to say that my baby's bait today


until you come home


don't breathe, you're too close to me

and we've come too far

it seems that you cling to me when itís popular

but back when you held on for life

it didnít seem to feel so wrong


and it's a reoccurring dream where

you're much further than you seem


and i'll be waiting around until you come home

calculating the sounds of a metronome

i'll be quietly dying all alone

until you come home

until you come home


miss me when you see the stars wherever you are

and know that i see them too even though weíre far away

from where we both belong, lost in each others arms


trembling decisions


there you go again, trembling decisions

it's what you always needed

and it hurts how much i miss you.

i just wanna see you smile beneath that veil


and it feels like i'm never gonna know

what it is i need and

where does all this go? oh no


and is it wrong to be holding on forever?

i'd just rather hold on then let go

so here's a song to apologize for leaving things this way

with the place i put you in and the things i couldn't say


but you know whatever happens,

you've got a friend in me




this still-life aesthetic majesty of

clandestine magnetic poetry

with four short poems from the girl who stole my heart


and every line i write declares itís true

that i only feel ok when i'm with you

as subtle melodies describe the way it feels to feel alive


and i'm luvsick, sick of all the bullshit

i just wanna be with you until the sky falls

down, i'm luvsick in fantastic conflict,

the one i wanna be with will always be you.

but you just don't know what you put me through


this scene from darkroom photography

where you're lying forever next to me

it's undeveloped but it's still a masterpiece to me


i'm dying for a taste of you

i'd rather waste away with you

we'll leave these complications in the rear-view mirror

i'm holding on to everything

the honest song i couldn't sing

i wish that i could play it

just one time for you


nothing lasts forever


pop rocks and ecstasy

a cigarette or pcp

it's all the same to me

she rocks debauchery

counts her boyfriends like calories

a blonde catastrophe


and in her eyes she brings the pain


you and me together

nothing lasts forever

you think you're so clever?

figured it all out right? whatever.


sad smiles and a long goodbye

a tired drive under the midnight sky

a feeling loved and lost

another girl in the pouring rain

i'm all alone but i feel no pain

i'm numb at any cost


her hedonistic daze is no place for romance

trance-like encounters that sound like break dancing

house beats and jungle, drum and bass

the party starts when she walks in the room

she's got her skirt hiked up and her hair let down

i catch her eye for a second then i lose her in the crowd

with the loud house music making conversation futile

it's her body language speaking in tongues


all fall down


and the first time that i saw her

i was held there underwater

holding oceans of emotions

deep beneath the undertow

and i knew then as i pondered

all the game that i had squandered

she had played me like parcheesi

she beat me at my own game


shake shimmer and it makes no sound

quick shiver and we all fall down

oh how i wonder who you are

blood sugar and a shining star

one shudder at a passing car

we've danced on eggshells until now

as we all fall down


and the next time that i saw her

i had tried a little harder

her attention, my obsession

leaving flowers on her car

got the number to her cellphone

caught a ballgame, smoked some home-grown

in my bedroom breathing perfume

as we wished upon a star


and the last time that i saw her

i knew that i shouldn't bother

she had hurt me like the others

like she said she'd never do

and my love was given and taken for granted

i gave her everything

she wouldn't have it

this story's ending is easy to see...

how could you do this to me?



menagerie of memories


i was down with another cinderella love story about a girl and a boy who was lonely, stoned, exhausted by tales of his previous glory and yes, she was in town but preparations still had to be made, plans that faded, passed and delayed, back in high school

when life was like fresh lemonade

as i slowly watched these feelings quite remaining unrequited as she slowly closed her eyes and stood there shivering in silence but she stayed for the night and she canceled her flight.

i know your life hurts girl but i'd like to make it right


and i already miss you

and you're not even gone

but it's not even an issue

but it's been tearing me apart

tearing me apart now


watching her sleep, the secrets i keep

menagerie, menagerie


breaking down, a subtle sequel to our story, laced with pentatonic decadence

and dynamic auditory changes

as she boards an aeroplane to charleston never looking back at everything behind her memories that still remind her of the best times shadowed by the worst time to be on an airline taking her away from

home and yeah, i've seen that frowning face before, i've given everything before

i've given everything

and watched it slip away


and it's 547 miles to charleston

547 miles to home and i'm dreaming, dreaming of a chance to tell her

just to tell her

what she's always known


the words by heart


it makes her paranoid, me and my polaroid

i try to catch her without makeup

she's into cars and things

cell phones and xanadrine

it's gonna cost me when we break up


but she says she knows the words by heart

that i make up as i go

and she says she's got it figured out

but i don't think she knows the words by heart


she speaks in beats and things

mixtapes and magazines

it's her beatitude she's spending

she's smiling and naive

she just wants to believe

this story has a happy ending


say what you mean and please mean what you say

it's the same in the end if the end is ok

proving yourself isn't the hardest part

it's proving that you really know the words by heart




she writes me poetry, she brings me groceries

she doesn't notice me except when i'm on stage

and i guess by and large she is the one in charge

she's always got her eye on me

she goes to private school, she doesnít follow rules

she likes to think she's cool but she's not crescent fresh

because her fake id, i think it lied to me

and now i feel like i'm on trial


and she's only 17

and i don't know what she means

when she talks about prom


she's jailbait

taunting me with her eyes

can't she see it's not right

or at least it's not right now


she's decked in plaid and pink, hangs at the roller rink

and yeah i really think she's got a dirty mind

i buy her cigarettes and make her mix cassettes

and i have no regrets and soon i think she'll find that


it's such an awkward age

below the drinking age

she's sneaking in the club


oh my god its getting old

buying beer for seventeen seventeen-year-olds

and oh my god iím getting old

when she looks like 25

sheís barely old enough to drive


feels like i've lost control of sex drugs and rock n roll

my one and only goal is to keep moving


burning in the burgundy


you made me everything i am today

terrified, bored and lonely, desperate

manic depressive, one static character in the background

panicking, hysterical, scared to be alone


broken at the core afraid of whats in store


it's you and me, bleeding with apologies

even when we disagree

we're burning in the burgundy


feels like i'm melting in the sun today

and for the record, everything is not ok

this polyester shirt just tends to irritate

like how your vicious messages accumulate


you've left me terrified

i hope you're satisfied


through all of your hypocrisy you don't know what you meant to me

a wasted opportunity we're burning in the burgundy




she used to be my best friend

but then she got a boyfriend

and now we only pretend

and we used to wanna hang out

but now they only make out

it's time for us to fallout


and when i think about the times we've had

i just get so sad because i miss the way things were


what happened to my best friends?

they've faded from existence

cause they're all about their girlfriends

and if i was a female

maybe they'd have been there

when i really needed them


and when i think about the times we've shared

i just get so scared that you forgot the way things were




it's you and me in mausoleums

counting tags on toes and wondering when we'll push the roses up

and these complaints are patent pending

when you get so damn condescending

and i just cannot be with you

when you talk like i am not here


and she's got scars that

show where she's been

i just want to be alone


i saw you in my dreams

i need to believe you

i've found you, i drown you in an immersion of

my everything that touches you and makes you feel alive


in my teenage years, invincible years

getting young girls numbers just to steal their boyfriends thunder

and i never thought i'd be beneath

the grayest clouds with tongue-in-cheek

handwritten books of poetry wondering why the grass was greener when


we thought that we were perfect

we were in the clear


until you find out what you need

i'll be waiting here to bleed

cause every drop of blood reminds me that iím still alive

and when you close your eyes to sleep

i hope that i'm still in your dreams

cause every nightmare tells that

this might be your last mistake now


written of a secret (lonely in love)


i wrote a letter saying what i couldn't say

it's all the better that i just threw it away

i can't forget her even though i never try to shake her image

from the corner of my eye


really, are you listening?


it seems i'm only lonely in love

with desperate letters that were written of a secret you canít keep


and next september when you're leaving me for good

you'll disappear the way i always knew you would

with no pretensions and not a one regret despite persuasions

that i hope you don't forget


really, are you listening?


my cardigan sweater is braving the weather

she's subtle, endearing

she just keeps disappearing

three valiums and counting

i feel the tension mounting

i'm drowsy and driving

head on against the guardrail


halfway (hidden track)


she did honor to the ones before her

struggling along

ignoring the disparaging remarks

meticulous in industry and tired to the bone

a minnow in seas copious with sharks

she said that she was happy as a lark


making notes and anecdotes for time that had escaped

pondering the final words he said

dictating the letters onto small audio tapes

she wondered if heíd smile when she was dead

the color of the words were china red


and everybody knows

youíre afraid to go away

but at this point you should know

you canít afford to go halfway


his condescension failed to mention

her christ-like appeal

her salvation treated as debris

cause nothing says ďi love youĒ

like avoiding the ordeal

trade away the serendipity

these days nobody believes in destiny