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dear listener,
in lieu of a traditional formal bio riddled with braggadocio, trite adjectives like “angular” and “emotional”, and listings of popular bands who we may or may not sound anything like, we’ve instead opted to educate you via a personal letter of purpose. a mission statement, if you will. here you will not find a story of how we all met, nor will you be put through some tedious account of the triumphs and tribulations of being an underground rock and roll band. we simply present an honest account of who we are and what we do stripped of all pretenses and preconceived notions. we are not emo. we are not hardcore. “scene kids” love silent friction, but we don’t live by the rules of the scene. we are about community. the enclosed cd will be real music. it will be honest and it will be full of youthful idealism and vigor. all irony is lost. we do not play by the rules set by whatever sub-genres of punk rock may be popular at the time. we play hard, fast and heavy. but we do it with a bittersweet aftertaste. you won’t easily forget what you’re about to hear. we’re passive aggressive at times, but that’s because it’s our most effective way to communicate. in short, we’re lovers not fighters. this album is about positivity, eradicating corporate and social brainwashing, and finding a way to love one another in a world driven by fear. this is corporate free audio. this is your anti-trend. this is mtv on lsd.

this is post genre music.

with warmest regards,
-silent friction

silent friction is
matthew bell (vocals, guitar)
nathan hansen (bass)
dan sommers (drums, vocals)

“one of nashville’s most inspired new bands”-rage magazine

“charming mélange of hard indie-rock, playful pop, and emotional lyrics, these guys have the sound and the stage presence that shows they’ve certainly found their place in nashville’s music scene”- nashville scene

“best emo band that doesn't suck”- nashville scene, best of 2002 issue

“lead singer matthew bell is turning into one of nashville’s most frenetic and impassioned frontmen”-rage magazine

“perhaps the best loved of the young pop-punk outfits in Nashville”-nashville scene