Child Abuse

the shameful silence

"Please, Please... Whatever you do...
Hit me, Beat me, Harm me...
Screw WITH my life as much as you want...
At least THEN I have some options...
Whatever else you do,
Just don't screw UP my life.
Because THEN you leave me
With nothing of my own..."

~Kelly Osborn

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            What do abused children hear on a daily basis?
            I could go on for hours, simply on the things I have been told...
            Instead, I will write a list...
            No more, no less than the one that was tucked away in a book.
            If it offends... Good.  It should.  It should anger you.
            A single sheet of paper.
            Filled with a lifetime worth of hurt.
            And it is only the start. The very uppermost TIP of the iceburg.
            The pain goes so much deeper...

       (said to someone else) "she's just being ornery..."
       "...this is for your own good!"
       "...this hurts me more than it does you..."
       "...piss, you defiant little bitch..."
       " nasty little witch..."
       ", you stupid idiot, this way..."
       "...Where were you when God passed out brains?"
       "...What have I done wrong?"
       "...What did I do to deserve this?"
       "...I wish you were dead..."
       "...I never wanted you..."
       "'s just laziness on your part..."
       "...can't you do ANYTHING right?"
       "'ve been bad AGAIN!"
       "'re a bad, bad girl..."
       "'ll never amount to a thing..."
       "...don't do that to your face, it's bad enough already!"
       "...What have you lost NOW?"
       "...What did you forget THIS time?"
       "...hold still you stiff-necked brat..."
       " just wait til I get you home!"
       "...if you would just try HARDER!"
       "...if you weren't so careless..."
       "...if you weren't so CLUMSY!"
       "...Why aren't you done yet, slowpoke?"
       "...If you weren't in such a hurry you wouldn't break things!"
       "...If you weren't in such a hurry you wouldn't get hurt!"
       "...We won't tell ____________ I had to spank you.
              You don't want them to know you are SUCH a bad girl"

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This Angel of Love is here to guard all those who enter within.
She is a loving little girl, sent to teach us all how wonderful life
can be if we just rember to LOVE one another... She will soon have
some new friends to help her guard the wounded souls that enter here...

Courage... Something that EVERY person must have.
How unfair that some children are being forced to learn all about courage
before their abilities have developed to a normal level.

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