"Me and My Beautiful Wife Rhonda"

"My Short Testimony"

Hello, My name is Timothy Jon
Barrett and I was born in Smyrna Tennessee but now
reside in Casar, North Carolina. I was born
on October,13th, 1960 which makes me 43 years
young. I am happily married to a beautiful
creature named Rhonda who God Himself sent into my
life to make me complete. In 1981 after many years
of trying to do thing's Tim's way,God got ahold of
me after I moved to Birmingham Alabama to be close
to my family.

Soon there after, I felt Gods
calling on my life to serve Him in ways that
frankly scared me to death. Since that time my
relationship with God has been an endless
rollercoaster ride, with God calling and me
running. I blamed God for all of my tragedy's and
heartaches and served the Devil and my own lustful
desires instead. I am now back on track with God
and would like to share with you these poems God
put within me. I hope that they bless you and if
Jesus is not Lord of your life, I pray He soon
will be.

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