I wanna sharing my testimony about God's kindness to me & my family.My father died when i was 10. A burglar killed him in front of my eyes. Since that horroble event, for years, i got a traumatic with darkness (That man killed my father at night) and also I feld very jealous everytime i saw a father hold his children's hands because i didnt have anymore someone which can hold my hand. I love my father so much. I am his favourite daughter. I blamed God because He took away my father so soon. Many times i wanna killed myself when sadness came. I wanna leave God many times.

Praise God, He didnt give up with me. God loves me so much. God had show me that He is a good father more than my daddy in this earth. One day (many years after that occassion) before i went to church to teach my class (i am sunday school teacher until now) when i wanna start to make up, i found out that i lost my powder. To buy a new one, i didnt have money. After i finished teach my class, when i want to went home, my friend called me and gave a new powder for me. I cried when i saw that powder because it was the same powder that i always use. Many times i heard that God is so good, that He knows what we need & can supply it. I didnt believe until that lovely occasion. That occassion was long ago but i never forget because that is the first time i realised God's kindness to me. He is my father now & i love Him more than my daddy. Everyday i say thank you to God because He adopted me (a wreck woman) to be His daughter. You know when i wrote this testimony, i cried because i feld His present.

God bless you Tim

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