My name is Brandi. I speak for those who have NO voice, the unborn... the silent victims of abortion. This fight is something very near and dear to me, I was aborted yet I survived. I am the face of "choice" I am a walking medical miracle. I am here not as a hero, but as a survivor of the worst holocaust in the world known to man since the time of Hitler- the sin of abortion.

The day of my birth was anything but "happy" On September 12, 1983, my biological mother who wanted 3 boys and couldn't handle knowing I was a girl as well as a high risk pregnancy gave me the ultimate stamp of rejection that any mother could ever give to her child, the sentence of death imposed without just cause in the womb before birth.

I was burned alive in her womb @ 21 weeks gestation by saline abortion. My biological mother's sister who drove my birthmother to the door of death was praying for a change of heart yet when it didn't happen, she continued to pray. After the long period of being left in the solution used that was intended to kill me and no sign of life, the nurse was prepaing to toss me out like trash when to everyone's shock, my arm shot up so they were aware that Brandi was indeed alive and the murder attempt was a total failure.

I survived the extreme death attempt to be a voice for those given NO "choice", ones who will NEVER be able to speak and be loved by their mother who they already have begun to love, and like myself, are told that they have NO "rights" or "choice" which is WRONG!

I have physical challenges as a result of being aborted but I don't allow them to be obstacles to hold me back, I overcome them and use them as a testimony of what God can do and has done inspite of the horrible circumstance of which I came into this world.

I let the world know, as a baby in the womb of a pregnant woman, I didn't "choose" nor was I willing to accept abortion.

My birthday was intended to be my death day. I am an abortion survivor. I am alive today and I represent the reality of abortion.

Before I was born, my dad (who I refer to as my sperm donor) was abusive to my mom in every way you can think of. He was and still is an extremely violent individual, has a criminal record literally over 8ft long and has over 20 DWI/DUIs. He'd urinate on her, spit on her, slap/punch/hit her, give her countless black eyes and bloody noses, tell her she's trash, etc. I was unplanned and unwanted by them, so he'd use her stomach as a punching bag when she was pregnant with me, in an attempt to cause her to lose me. Then, when that didn't work, they tried to have me aborted, yet I survived: being the survivor of a saline abortion, as well as having had a Partial-Birth Abortion in 2003 (before all the bans were being passed, the anniversary of which I spent in the abortion capital of the world this year which you'll read about). My birth mom NEVER lost her parental rights being that her sister was ALWAYS there for me.

My birthmom isn't the one who informed me of what she'd done and I was left in the dark until the age of 14 about the truth of my birth and why I wasn't what most considered "normal" being that I was sent to a "special" school as a toddler until my Kindergarten year when they somehow decided I was anti-virus enough to be with the regular kids in my grade. I was teased and picked on for my differences but though the days of my youth were tough not having much love and support from the woman who gave birth to me nor my biological father, I learned to use the tests and trials to make me stronger instead of tear me down as they were intended.

I know my existence is illegal and when my aunt who raised me found out the one responsible for the circumstances of my birth was deceased, she took her own life right before I made 16! How's that for my "Sweet 16" birthday, I had to bear it knowing she wouldn't be there to celebrate what was suppose to be such a special day though my uncle did his best to make it as special as he could, it just was NOT the same and my life has really not been the same since. She fought for me and to get what I could lay down in the face of ignorant folk who can't comprehend the difficulty of such a complicated situation to begin with. so I've been pretty much on my own since. I know where my biological mom is, and I can't say there's a day that has gone by that I haven't wanted inflict the same pain on her that I've felt as a result of what she did, on top of what I did. The times I had to be with her were terrifying, and she couldn't care less about me or any of it. She's told me that she wishes the abortion would've been successful. How cruel can ya get? She's no longer around but thank GOd she called on Him before it was 2 late.

I haven't had the easiest road in life but though I've had to overcome so much so young not all becuase of anything I did, I use it all to help others and allow them to see that though someone may be different than them and have the "handicap" and "disabled" label by society, people with those gifts and talents can still be productive members of the human race. I am a quite handy young adult and I love wearing caps but my handiness is effective in helping others, especially those less fortunate than myself beginning with the unborn facing the same danger I survived. My abilities reach beyond the sky, nothing stops me from accomplishing anything and I don't give up or in easily to the "can't" campaign.

Lots of folks can't handle my radical passion about the issue of abortion and my firm stand against it but it's very near and dear to me for obvious reasons and nonetheless is also a moral issue which Proverbs 24:11-12, clearly instructs us to act on though most tend to ignore that verse and continue in their apathetic dream world!

You can't deny that abortion is the murder of an actual living child. Everyday thousands of babies are murdered before their birthday. Everyday beating hearts are ended in the name of "choice"

I encourage you to think about what that day was like for me. Think about the babies whose "birth" involves being pulled from their mother, dead and lifeless.

Abortion is a "choice" that results in a dead child and a wounded mother.

I know about that also.

I had a partial birth abortion in 2003 which I vividly recall. I did it knowing it was wrong. And being raped by a bi-sexual with STD's is really NO excuse. The rape occured in a setting I was led to believe was safe, but when I learned the truth about who attacked me, I freaked out and couldn't handle it. In my state of mind at the time, I knew nothing else to do but abortion though I was too far along for a legal viability abortion in my home state, partial birth abortion was the route I "chose" I waited until I returned to my home state from the location I was at the time I conceived to schedule the abortion appointment. The day of death for my daughter, Esther Nicole, was May 8, 2003. I was shaking through the entire horrific agony, notwanting to go through with it, but in my mind, even knowing about the adoption options, I had nowhere else to turn but to allow a college medical resident unsupervised to perform the most disgusting and unforgivable yuck of a "medical" procedure on me. He didn't even do it correctly and it caused me severe problems. Late term abortions normally last a few days though mine was crammed into just one. When I went into where it was actually carried out, they called me to the back, sat me in a cold room, took my vitals- not once concerned about my wellbeing. Before I knew it, my time of torture was to begin. They called me to the room where the exam table was with the stirrups. It was a cold sense to me, and the stench was unbearable to the senses. The killer came in and proceeded with no emotion in carrying out the abortion, I had feeling to the point I screamed a few times and was abruptly told to be quiet that my noise was jeopardizing business but I didn't care being that the last time I screamed was when after the killer sucked my babies brains out, her nerves were still functioning so he thought she was still alive, he chopped her neck and it hit the steel can below the table. I couldn't bear to look at my baby when the man was done murdering brutally the life God put inside me (though under horrible circumstances) I cried for days when it was over, tried to block it out of my mind, and went thru an emotional roller coaster that I can't put into words that the abortion people didn't warn me would happen that go along with the affects of having an abortion. They actually refuse to inform women seeking their services of the truth and dangers that abortion kills babies, and also can hurt and kill the mother. It doesn't help anything or anyone.

Life begins at the moment of fertilization and that's a proven scientific fact.

Abortions don't start being done until the 6th week of gestation. By that time, the baby has a beating heart, brainwaves, a beating heart,ability to feel pain etc. Babies in the womb have their own unique DNA different from the pregnant woman, which indeed makes them a separate human being from the woman. So, when an abortion is done, it is a literal homicide, one human being killing another with no just cause other than convenience and "choice" No one that supports abortion was ever killed before their birth and clearly don't consider the child's "choice" to live. It's NOT "my body, my choice, my rights" It's the baby's body, a woman's selfishness, and pure discrimination against the life of another human.

Pro-Life isn't perfect nor is it a dangerous cause, it stands for the equal rights and freedoms of all involved in abortion regardless of anything from conception to natural death. Abortion isn't only homicide but the ultimate child abuse. It's in NO way the caring, safe, healthy, or loving option or "choice"

January 22, 1973 is the anniversary of the decriminilization of abortion, and since that day, over 50 million babies have been slaughtered in the name of choice and conveinence at the rate of over 4,400 a day subtly destroying the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters. The womb has been declared a tomb for the unborn and as a survivor, I cannot be silent.

I lay my life down daily for the unborn and have seen some traumatic stuff on the frontlines of the fight to end abortion. I've not only seen babies saved, hearts changed but I've also had to see countless doctors, lawyers, teachers, judges, presidents lose their lives without even asking to die before their birth. I've had to witness moms become severely injured and even die as a result of abortion but inspite of it all, I continue the battle and will do so with love exposing the truth until the shedding of innocent blood no longer stains this nation.

From 2008 to May of 2009, I spent alot of time in Wichita, KS which was known not only as the aviation capital of the world but the abortion capital of the world. While I was there, I was engaged in and witnessed alot from a chemical attack by WHCS staff on me and another sidewalk counselor, the first save of the Spring 2009 40 Days For Life time there a week into it which caused alot of mixed reactions, I had to witness countless babies lose their lives mostly in the late term gestational stage to Tiller and his 3 traveling helpers, and I was also there the day we had a Christin Gilbert repeat with WHCS demanding an ambulance transport, "NO LIGHTS, NO SIRENS" I had lots of confrontations with WHCS employees, service workers, and abortionists, I did activism awareness of businesses that aide WHCS as well as stand in solidarity for the babies @ the gate of WHCS which wasn't taken well by anyone working there though it caused those driving in and out and around WHCS to question the purpose of LIFE tape which then I was able to explain it and what went on inside WHCS as well as my personal testimony. I jeopardized business @ WHCS and it caused a stir but I did so without apology, even on the anniversary of my abortion experience.

Wichita was an eye opener and a learning experience for anyone, especially those apathetic about abortion. When you have to witness perfectly healthy late terms, even ones close to birth, speed in to kill their innocent babies then smell the unbearable stench of the babies being burned to ash when all is said and done, it causes you to wake up and want to do whatever you can to stop the innocent blood shed of abortion. Since I've been home, I've had to deal with George Tiller being killed, I've been attacked, harassed, threatened by not only abortion supporters but baby supporters as well! I can't help if my existence haunts people and my life convicts them so much that they have nothing better to do than cause me hell but I'm not a people pleaser nor am I running a popularity contest. I don't have to prove anything to anyone but the One who created me and already knows me and all there is to know anyways. My life and the circumstances of my birth is traumatizing enough though as anyone who knows me knows, I put others first no matter what beginning with the babies and their moms. I suppose people think I asked for this hand to be dealt to me but I NEVER did. God gave it to me for a purpose and He's got a plan! My life is in His Hands and I pray He has mercy on those who have put their mouth and other stuff against me regardless of who it is and why.

As a result of the trauma my dad caused in his abuse during my mom's pregnancy, on top of the affects of surviving a late saline abortion, I had severe brain damage at birth, and to this day my brain looks like a deflated ball you play jacks with; I have cerebral atrophy on my left side, cerebral palsy, craniosynostosis, a genetic metabolic condition, hydrocephalus, idiopathic scoliosis, leg-length discrepancy (my right leg up until Palm Sunday 2009 was a few inches shorter than my left), childhood leukemia, a neuromuscular disorder, optic nerve compression in my right eye, partial paralysis on my right side, etc. I was also deaf in both ears and never expected to walk or talk, as all I did for the first few years was lie on a blanket and gurgle couldn't talk or anything. I won 2nd Place in a Special Olympic 150-meter dash around 2 years old, started talking shortly after. I was diagnosed with ALL (childhood leukemia) at a young age and spent many days @ St.Jude in Memphis for it along with a cancerous cyst on my face that recently fell off. I was a straight-A HONOR student in school. I've been a Red Cross Volunteer along with United Way and several other organizations and arenas since 1992. I guess you can say that I'm a literal volunteer addict. I all but lived in therapy, clinics, hospitals, doctor offices, etc., for over 15 years. Ií»ve had 3 major surgeries ranging from my skull being chiseled, drilled, wired together and reconstructed; to having fatty tissue taken from my abdomen to compensate for a few wires that were literally popping out of my head; to having heel cord, hamstring and knee-cap replacement all at the same time. I was severely abused physically, verbally, emotionally, satanically which is something not many understand and sexually, growing up and still am even now. My mom and dad would beat me unmercifully with anything they could get their hands on, at anytime, for any reason. My brothers and others- including the one who is currently defending our freedom overseas, used to call me a walking lightening rod, among other things. I battled abandonment, anger, anxiety, betrayal, bitterness, confusion, depression, despair, eating disorders, fear, guilt, hatred, loneliness, mental torment, oppression, phobias, rejection from conception, resentment, stress, trauma, unworthiness, worthlessness, etc. from a young age. I was sexually abused by my oldest brother from the time I was 5 till right before I made 14, when I finally mustered up the courage to tell my aunt (whom I was close to since neither my parents nor anyone else wanted to believe me). It was hard and I cried the whole time, mainly because we had stayed at her house and were going back home that evening, which was more than a 1-hour drive and I was terrified of him. So I told her. She called my mom when my uncle was bringing us home to let her know she needed to have me checked, and they were sisters so she had no choice but to believe my brother's not the saint she portrayed him to be. Needless to say he was taken from our home. Two weeks after my 13th birthday, my best friend at school took his life. In the summer of 1999, just months before my Sweet 16, my aunt (whom I was close to) overdosed on prescription drugs for unknown reasons. I also lost another aunt to lung cancer a month later. In 2000, my emotions took a severe turn for the worse. I began the long process of being in and out of psychiatric hospitals/units for everything from anorexia and bulimia to severe depression, loss of sleep, multiple suicide attempts, etc.

I was raped in March of 2004 so badly that it caused internal damage that added to what the abortion already did, and I had a rough time dealing with it and had nowhere to turn but to a bottle of pills, a knife and razor blade. I thought 2005 would be somewhat better but I was raped again New Year's night and got pregnant, though I miscarried at eight weeks. In 2005, I did a ministry internship for a few months and another one in 2006 for two months in Indiana. I was in a horrible accident back in March of 2007 that caused cracked vertebrae in my neck and spine, nerve damage, bulging discs, inflammation throughout my entire spinal column from my neck to lower back, etc., which affected my ability to function actively. I wasn't suppose to survive, but I've overcome it.

The road of me giving into the lies of the devil and deceptions of the world ended in July of 2009 when I came close to being successful in an attempt to check out of life.

I tend to stay strong in the midst of everything that the fight for life and to end abortion brings though @ times, I do reach near breaking points, one of which recently nearly claimed my life. I'd been in Wichita for 8 months at the gate of late term abortionist, George Tiller and after having had a late term abortion myself back in 2003 and having to witness babies lives lost @ the same gestational age I was 25 years ago when I survived as well as the age the baby I aborted in 2003 was and even farther along than that, I got home and got word that Mr. Tiller had been killed and got a bit mad @ God because I feel he was close to turning and I also couldn't understand why God continued to allow abortion, even in the latest stages to continue! It just frustrated me to no end. I spent the anniversary of my abortion @ his gate which was a few days before I returned home and being there on that day having been greeted by the babies being burned to ash stuck with me.

The night of July 1, 2009 it all pretty much overwhelmed me supremely to the point I was @ the give up on God and check out of life point. I got a syringe needle, a butcher knife, sat down by my laptop in my living room and was totally ready to do just that but God had other plans.

I was talking to a friend in Los Angeles on Facebook that Wednesday night around 9:30 my time. She knows I'm in Louisiana and know about Jesse Duplantis so she told me to tune in online to a convention he's at in Los Angeles that week and at the very minute I did, Len Mink started singing Oh The Blood Of Jesus which is a song that means a lot to me then in the middle of the song he suddenly changed the words and started singing it to the tune about someone ready to end it all, even having a needle in their hand, as I said, I literally had pierced the needle thru my vein and was drawing blood though I didn't care about it going everywhere and was about to pick up the knife to slice my wrist and allow myself to bleed to death then he went on about a baby letting its mom know it's with Jesus and is ok, then Kenneth got up and nailed that it's about an abortion someone had and he even said "little one", I'm 25 and had had a late term abortion when I was 19 and hadn't really gotten over it! That divine appointment literally saved my life and let me know when I've thought God hates me, that He really doesn't. It was wild in the least because my friend hadn't been online in a few days and didn't even get on with the intentions of telling me about the service being on but she ended up telling me and the rest is history...

No longer will I buy the lie that nearly cost my life that "God doesn't love me" because He does!!!!!

You can go to


and scroll down to the Wednesday July 1st evening service with Jesse Duplantis to see it. I went to the SWBC in DFW the week of August 3-8 because it's totally NO accident! DFW is the area this entire thing with the abortion I had started in back in 2002 and the SWBC was around the exact time of year it happened and I'm sure God had a major plan for me to be able to reach out to someone there who may well be where I was the night of July 1st when I was able to share with countless people about that night!

I flew out of Baton Rouge on Monday afternoon scheduled to arrive in DFW that evening. I'm typically quiet in flight duration praying and taking pictures but this time was different. On my plane from Houston to DFW, a guy sat next to me who had a leather bound Life Application NLT bible and I asked him where he got it since I can't seem to find them here and he told me then there was silence between us til right when we were about to get off in DFW. He stopped me and asked if I wanted his bible, I was speechless. I was like "are you kidding me" he said "no, it's the least I can do" This guy didn't know me, anything about me, why I was in DFW or anything so I was... I told him I was there for the SWBC and gave him my little testimony booklet and we went our seperate ways. I got to the convention center and met my pal Riley though in the midst of juggling my luggage I left my camera in the taxi but with my left knee in terrible pain and wanting to get into the service it didn't cross my mind. Riley walked me to my seat having to watch me limp extremely bad. I ended up sitting next to a lady that lives in GA but is from LA, pretty cool. Phil Driscoll sang, played, Jesse gave the alter call and Brandi cried. I knew I needed to go but my knee was telling me otherwise so I pushed myself to walk up to the front. How was I one of the first up there, I don't know. I stood directly in front of Jesse with my purple LSU jacket on praying he wouldn't mention it. I saw Len standing back but I stayed focused on God. I prayed with him at that moment even coming from my deep generational rooted Catholic/Occultism background that gave me a messed up idea of God and the whole salvation thing but God had my number and knew the time to dial it where I would pick up and finally answer Him without question. I was baptized on December 13, 2009 in Myrtle Beach and set free from the strongholds of satan on December 28, 2009!

It's love and compassion that changes people, not judgemental hate so I hope something I've said has touched you and allowed a light in you to shine brighter and maybe ignite a passion in you to do what's not popular and defend those who can't defend themselves cause everyone deserves a voice and a chance to thrive to their fullest potential.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in having me come to your area in 2010, my schedule is wide open so please let me know!

I'm gifted in my mission of using the challenges and obstacles I've overcome to make a difference in the lives of others.

I'm available for an honorarium to speak to churches, women's groups, youth groups, educational institutions, community events and anywhere I'm asked to go to share my testimony of overcoming odds, experiencing God's love, and finding forgiveness and freedom in Jesus Christ!

I'm a nationally recognized advocate for life and I travel the country being a voice for the voiceless, defending the defenseless and forgotten, and reaching out to those facing or who have experienced the pain of loss!

I have a PayPal account for online donations! If you're interested in supporting my mission of defending LIFE from conception to natural death without exception, please go to:

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God bless you!

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