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Well, I've gotten bored with no guestbook on here, so expect a new one soon.

Hey everyone, its 2:15 A.M. September 16, saw Clark Kent play about 4 hours ago, and acted like a retard in front of a really cool chick. oh well maybe next time. well i went to the football game, and gallatin beat cookeville 20-0, which sucks, because i was hoping cookeville would go undefeated this season. why am i still awake? i should probably get some sleep. i am really anxious about Cookeville United's soccer games tomorrow in Huntsville, Alabama. We have never played a regular season game out of state, i hope we win and i dont' make more than 2 hospital balls. well i decided something tonight. i really need to get a girlfriend. all of my good friends (almost) have girlfriends or are "talking" to somebody. and they are all having a bunch of fun. well buzzfest was on thursday night, and a bunch of people went and said it was awesome. i wish i could have gone but of course i had school! and i was up till like 5 finishing calculus homework for the homework check which i found out is due monday not yesterday. well my throat is starting to hurt, so that means that it is time to go to bed. good night moon. here's dave: My name is David Epley and i also live in Cookeville. I play the guitar and play soccer. I just added a kick ass guitar archive so go and check it out if you would. Some other great places to go would be mufu's page and if you are taking your time please sign the old guestbook and slambook...they're getting lonely......

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