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    The deck on the 525 is reinforced with end-grain balsa wood. The areas which carry the greatest loads are further reinforced with plywood and /or additional layers of fiberglass. This reinforcement is put, for example, under the stanchions, genoa tracks, cleats, winch pads, etc.... The mast is given added support by a 1/4 inch aluminum plate which is placed directly beneath the mast step. A wooden post supports the deck under the mast.
    The hull to deck joint bond is another example of the superior strength characteristics of SCHOCK boats. As shown in the drawing that follows, the deck has a lip which fits down over the hull. Bonding putty is placed between this lip and the hull. Then the deck and the aluminum rail are riveted to the hull and a layer of fiberglass is bonded to the inside of the joint.

    Why does the W.D.SCHOCK CORPORATION go to all of this trouble? Because we know that a light , strong boat will give the best possible performance.  It will get you there faster, and it will really hold together.