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All the websets I created with art from Jonnathon Bowser have been removed. At the time that I created them, and offered them for you to use, I had permission from the artist to do so. However, due to a computer crash and subsequent loss of everything on my harddrive, I do not have that permission any longer, and JEB has asked that we not offer sets as linkware any longer.

Jonnathon Bowser is a very talented artist, so please feel free to visit his site and enjoy his work here. Best wishes to all of you in your future graphic creations.

Salina of Salina's Creations

Muted Floral Set Weeping Sets Bubbles Set
Dark Cameo Set Lavender Cameo Set Roses Set 1
Roses Set 2 KittyRose Set ~ SET SOLD ~
Solitude Set Beige Butterfly Set NA Sacred Set
Woman with Roses Set Butterfly & Flowers Set Crystal Ball Set
Warlock Set Giving Set Couple Set
Maiden & Wolf Set Kitty Set Castle
Reading Lords Prayer Nativity
Unicorns Loving Memory Valentine
Sailor Moon Indian Couple Father's Day
Iris Set Final Fantasy Aeris Anniversary
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon


Fans ~ SET SOLD ~ Greens
Floral Fairy Floral Pearls & Rain
Purples Starburst Distinguished
Green Kaleidoscope Mini Lilacs Small Roses
Starry Mist Poinsettia's Sleigh's
Anniversary Birthday Birthday2
Wolves Hearts 2 (pink themed) Birthday Butterflies
Hearts (blue themed) Dolphins Possession
Purple Patterned Coming Soon Coming Soon




Copyright 2000 Salina's Niche



I don't know who the artist is of the wonderful graphic I used for this set. If you do know, please contact me with the name and any info that you may have so that credit can be given properly. If you are the artist, please notify me with the copywrite for the graphic if you wish me to remove this set, and I will do so immediately.