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Welcome to my Background Sets section. This is something that I do simply because I am in PSP working a lot. I see something, get an idea for a background set, can't use them all myself and don't want to just delete them! Hence, a section where I can share them with anyone that may like to use them. There are many sites out there offering much more sophisticated and lovely sets, and I am not trying to compete with anyone. However, if I can help someone in the creation of their pages, why not? ~smiles~

Ok, as in everything, there are some "rules" for use of any of these sets:

1) Because I do put so much time and love into what is here, you must download all graphics to your harddrive and then to your own server.

2) I include a matching logo with each set, and request that you link it back to my main site at

3) Whenever there is an artist credited, and you see one of their banners in the credits, you MUST also include their banner on the pages that you use those background sets on. This is a requirement of that artist, as well as just proper Netiquette.

4) This is not a requirement, however, if you would, please email me and let me know if you are using one of the sets. Please include the URL for it so that I may see how other's are using them. I love to see new things, and would love to see where, and how, my sets are being used.

Ok, enough of the "serious stuff"... Enjoy!

Now, for the credits: Most of the tubes and graphics that have been used here are not MY original designs. Unfortunately I fell into that "thinking" that if it is on the net, then it is free to use, unless specifically stated otherwise. Finding out that this indeed is NOT true..... I almost trashed this section of my site. However, after some research and a lot of emailing back and forth with people "in the know", I have decided to leave it. However, I want you to know that, if you are the originator of a graphic and/or tube that I have used, please contact me with all pertinent information and perhaps a logo to link back with, and I will immediately give credit to your creation, or remove it if that is what you prefer!

For the professional art that is used in some of these sets, all credit and linkbacks are given to the appropriate party, as far as I know. These artists I find fantastic and have no problem whatsoever sending other's to view their work. ~smiles~ If, however you find something here where no credit is given, PLEASE contact me immediately with the artists information and I will take care of that ASAP!

I don't know who the artist is of the wonderful graphic I used for this set. If you do know, please contact me with the name and any info that you may have so that credit can be given properly. If you are the artist, please notify me with the copywrite for the graphic if you wish me to remove this set, and I will do so immediately.