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ON MUM-TO-BE - 16th April 1999

JOHNNY DEPP is cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with movie co-star Christina Ricci.

While singer Vanessa Paradis was at home in France preparing for the birth of their child next month, Johnny Depp was publicly canoodling with Christina Ricci at London's trendy Met Bar.

Revellers watched amazed as the Edward Scissorhands star, 35, openly snogged Addams Family star Christina who, at 18, is almost half his age. One onlooker said the pair were "all over each other like a rash" as they kissed at a corner table for more than an hour.

Both stars are staying at the Metropolitan Hotel above the bar while in the UK to shoot new movie Sleepy Hollow.

A fellow guest said: "They were really going for it and were oblivious to everything around them. Everybody was shocked because they knew Johnny Depp 's about to be a dad. It was pretty disgusting. He was being terribly indiscreet.

"Christina had obviously been drinking heavily and she had to be helped out by two other friends who were with them."

Vanessa Paradis , 26, was thought to have tamed Depp , but he was recently arrested after wielding a plank at photographers.

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