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(As sung by Johnny Cash & Smokey River Boys)

      © 2014/2015 Arranged & Produced By Robert Metzgar
      Lyrics by John Newton & John P. Rees [Traditional]
      Bluegrass arrangement and melody by Robert Metzgar (ASCAP)
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      Published by ® Aim High Music/Zomba-BMG Publishing (ASCAP) . Nashville
      © 2014/2015 By Robert Metzgar, Arranger of ASCAP SONGS
      © Ultimate Greatest Gospel Arrangements

      Verse One:

      Amazing sweet the sound....
      that saved....a wretch like me.....
      I once was lost...but now I'm found......
      Was blind....but now I see....
      [Now I see]

       Verse Two:

      Twas grace that heart to fear.....
      And fears...relieved.....
      How precious did....that grace appear....
      The hour...I first believed....
      [First believed]

      Verse Three:

      Through many dangers...toils and snares....
      I have already come....
      'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far....
      And grace will home.....
      [Lead me home]

      Verse Four:

      When we've been there....ten thousand years....
      Bright shining as the sun....
      We've no less sing God's praise....
      Than when we've first begun....
      [First begun]

      Repeat First Section:

      Amazing sweet the sound....
      that saved....a wretch like me.....
      I once was lost...but now I'm found......
      Was blind....but now I see....
      [Now I see]


      Was blind but now I can see....Now I can see....

©  Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace is a universal Gospel message of epic proportions
The following artists have all recorded this hymn in history

Boys II Men, Dave Matthews Band, Whitney Houston, Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, Smokey River Boys, Tori Amos, Faith Evans, Twila Paris, Krystal, Glen Campbell, LeAnn Rimes, Janis Joplin, Shirley Caesar, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Paul Simon, Elvis Presley, Randy Travis, 101 Strings Orchestra, Chet Atkins, Seven Nations, Phil Driscoll, The Von Trapp Children, Jimmy Hendrix, Bling Boys of Alabama, Jordanaires, Medowlark Lemon, Aretha Franklin, Christy Lane, Conway Twitty, Andy Williams, Boots Randolph, Judy Collins, Mahalia Jackson, Sonny James, Lou Rawls, Pete Seeger, Esteban, Charlie Rich, Charlotte Church, Johnny Cash, Original Drifters, Pat Boone, Mickey Gilley, Anne Murray, Joan Baez, Jim Nabors, Al Green, Loretta Lynn, B J Thomas, Charlie Daniels Band, Ike & Tina Turner, Willie Nelson, Diana Ross, Patti Page, The Neville Brothers, Fats Domino, George Jones, Merle Haggard, George Gershwin, Elmer Bernstein, Lawrence Welk, K.C. & Sunshine Band, Ray Stevens, Ray Price, Gatlin Brothers, Rod Stewart, Glen Miller Orchestra, Oak Ridge Boys, Mantovani and the list goes on and on.

© Publishers & Songwriter's Credits

      Published by the
      ® Aim High Music Company/Zomba-BMG Publishing Group (ASCAP)
      Contact: Robert Metzgar
      ® Capitol Management Group
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      Brentwood, TN 37027-3282
      800-767-4984 (toll free)
      615-321-0600 (wk)
      615-338-4497 (fax)
      All rights reserved by Aim High Music (ASCAP)
      Arranged and conducted by Robert Metzgar (ASCAP)
      ®Platinum Plus Records
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      © 2014/2015

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