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Welcome to The Marilyn Manson Center! A few things have changed around here. There is a quicker way to get around the site. The Auditorium section contains all audio, video, lyrics and pictures. The Community section contains all links, fan poems, fan art, a chatroom and all essays. The Tomb is where you will find interviews, the beliefs of Marilyn Manson, FAQ, and info on the band members. I have added pictures of Manson and Rose McGowan together at all sorts of places. The long delayed Omega interpretation is here. Also there is a new essay that has replaced the old "Beliefs/Messages/Theories" section. This essay describes why Marilyn Manson was started, the beliefs and messages behind the music. I know I said I would have a qoutes section, but, that's taking more time than I thought. I expect that to be on the site on August 10, no later, no less (sorry). There are a few new fan poems, and one fan essay. Unfortunately I got some great essays from you guys but they were way too long to fit onto the site (same goes for the poems). If you could shorten them down a bit, I can definetley add them to the site. The Interview section will have a new addition every week (it takes a while to type up a whole entire interview). As soon as I get a better recording system for my computer I will have every backwards message that are in some of the songs from 'Portrait' to 'Animals'. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me. Please notify me of any broken links. Enjoy!

LAST UPDATED: February 25, 2000

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