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In the Greater Memphis area AKA Midtown there are a number of gay and lesbian bars and restaurants. Also, the many novelty shops around the midtown area seem to cater to every need of the Gay and Lesbian Community of Memphis. We are a very diverse gay community as well as community as a whole. Our many ethnic backgrounds from abroad come together to form a culture that we call "Midtown"

My Guide to Queer Memphis.

Club Amnesia is Memphis Premiere Queer Dance/Video Bar. This is the Club For the new Millenium. It offers a bit for everycolor of our diverse rainbow. It has 4 bars; The Video Bar, The Gallery Bar, The Dance Pit ,and a swimming-pool/patio bar. This is the most prestigious club in the Queer Memphis area. Club Amnesia is open every Thursday thru Sunday. From 8 until 3:00 am. On Thursdays from 8-midnight, sit back, enjoy free beer and cheer the Amnesia ladies on as they perform their favorite.......????????Who know's what you might see??????On Fridays, Our infamous men from abroad entertain you as you dance and 'play' the night away. Saturdays, Cum and enjoy cocktails and let our male and female dancers entertain you for a Night at the Show......Sunday's is our famous nickel beer night. GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!Dj's nightly. So, come on in and if you mention QueerMemphis website to Bartender Rockin Scotty James or Christopher Lee, your next cocktail is on us. 2866 Poplar Ave., Memphis TN, (901)454-1366

PIPELINE is Memphis answer to the BEAR Epidemic. Every kinda Daddy a 'lil boy ever needed can be found here, and you know where there are daddy's; the boy's will follow. The Pipeline has been a Queer Memphis hangout for over a decade. It is well equipped with pool tables, video games, a small dance floor, two bars with a large import beer selection, a fabulous dark patio for personal engagements and not to mention the famous "Pipeline Treehouse". Dj's nightly. Open daily 2pm-3am. 1382 Poplar, Memphis TN.(901)726-5263.

Madsion Flame is Memphis lesbain but very gay friendly bar,knowing that gender plays no roll in the Memphis Queer Community. The Madison Flame offers Karioke Wednesday's, and various shows and tournmaments to be announced weekly. Open Daily 5pm-3am. Dj's nightly. 1588 Madison Ave., Memphis TN,(901)278-9839.

Just about a block from The Madison Flame is a nice neighborhood bar known as The Jungle, It is Memphis newest up and coming gay & lesbian bar. Open daily 3pm-3am 7 days a week. 1474 Madison ave, Memphis TN.

J-Wags is Memphis' oldest Queer bar and is open 24 hours. Commonly known for it's infamous afterhours or shall I say those hours of Cocks Crowing. Located 1268 Madison, Memphis TN,(901)725-1909

501 and Crossroads is Memphis favorite Queer country bars. They have Drag Shows nightly. located on the corner of N. Claybrook and Jefferson, just a block direcly behind J. WAGS.

If you wander over to the corner of Peabody and Cooper you will find a cute little beer bar called ONE MORE. They have a very ecclectic Patio. Memphis Aphrodites meet her regularly. Another one of Memphis Great Gay and Lesbian Neighborhood bars.

The newest gay shops are SCOTT's COSMIC CLOSET on Cooper Ave.

IN AND OUT gift shop is also located on Cooper Ave. Just across from Scott's Cosmic Closet, and around the corner from One More.

Here is a Seven day tour if you's like to follow.

On Monday night in memphis go to Mollys on Madison Ave. for Margarita Monday's and you will find every queen in Memphis justa sippin'. A word of advice, try any of the smaller bars during the week and hit the AMNESIA dance floor on Friday and Saturday nights. Amnesia has male strippers on Fridays, drag and dancing on saturdays and sundays and thursdays. Amnesia also has 5 cent longneck beers on sunday nights if your on a budget after that costly weekend. I forgot to mention IN THE GROVE has great food and the most beautiful art collection you will ever find. Well this is just a fraction of things to do in the Memphis bar scene. I almost forgot the best gay friendly pub is TGI. FRIDAYS also located on Madison Ave on Overton Square. Fridays has plenty of gay waiters to help you find your way around town. At FRIDAYS ask for JEZABEL or SCOTTY. These are my thoughts on midtown . If you like to get your groove on, then come on in to Midtown Memphis and lets boogie down. You'll have a great time !!!!


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