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Harmon Memories

Entries from November 8, 2002 to February 18, 2005
Date/Time of Posting: Nov 08 2002 / 06:06:42
name = slade-house
where = stephenville
replyemail =
comments = my grandfather william slade worked on the base in stephenville

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 10 2002 / 16:32:23
name = Melvin Smith
where = 1218 clovis ave, capitol hgts., md 20743
comments = I was there from 1956-1958, worked in dental clinic. was boxing champion 1957,1958.snow prevented us from going stateside to compete in all-air force championships both years. I was Major J.M. Painters dental assistant all of that time. I have mixed memories of Harmon.

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 13 2002 / 10:11:20
name = Mark A. Fowler,USAF(Ret)
where = Tampa, FL
comments = I was stationed at E. Harmon AFB , Aug '47 - Sep ' 51. My 1st overseas assignment, & 1st walk in snow. Worked in Transient Maintenance through Operation "Vittles"(Berlin airlift). Met & married my life partner, Kay, there. Still together after 53 years. Retired in CA after 28 years USAF. Visited several times since & my old hanger is skating arena. Also ground crew on C-47 & C-82 type aircraft. Like to hear from any old friends. I loved my time

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 18 2002 / 17:02:49
name = Melvin Smith
where = 1218 clovis ave., capitol heights, md 20743
comments = I was stationed at Harmon from 1956 t0 1958. I was a dental technician. I was also a member of the Harmon boxing team, and wom the conference championship. I was also one of three managers at the Airmens Club. I do not enjoy winter anymore. That was enough snow for a lifetime!

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 20 2002 / 21:02:25
name = Gary Payne
where = Texas
comments = Greetings, found this most interesting website while surfing the web,and thought I'd check out my birthplace. My brother and I were born (yes, we're twins) in 1957 at Ernest Harmon AFB. My father, Major Harvey Robert Payne (deceased 1/10/90), & mother, Nellie Mae Payne and older sister called this home. We left Newfoundland when I and my brother were infants, so my memory of NewFoundland and Earnest Harmon AFB are through family stories told about the friendships,cold, snow, and family photos while my folks were stationed there. My father flew C-47s, C-54s, and C-124s and I'd love to hear from any acquaintances who may be able to relate any memories they'd like to share. My mother is still alive and talks of the days while stationed there. Please feel free and e-mail me. I know she would like to hear from any friends who knew her and dad while they were stationed there. It would make her day and mine. E-mail with your phone numbers and we'll call! Be! st Regard, Gary Payne.

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 21 2002 / 13:50:39
name = Polly Miller Smith
where = Now--Kentucky
comments = Snow, the teen club,snow,my first date, snow, the movie theater,snow, the "snack bar" at the terminal, snow---seriously some of the best times of my life. I remain close to many of my high school frinds from Harmon. It is a comraderie that only we share and understand. What a great bunch of memories!

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 29 2002 / 09:10:26
name = Guy D'Elia
where = Chicopee, Ma.
comments = We arrived at Harmon from Westover AFB, Ma. late spring of 1963. We left and went back to Westover late summer of 1965. We lived off base in Stephenville. It was on a small road off Hanson Highway. Our neighbors were Viola and Cy Pinsent, they had two sons, Grant and Bonner. Mr. Pinsent owned the Pinsent Construction Co. At the top of our road was a variety store owned by the Skinners. They had a daughter Gloria. We had a river in our back yard and had cookouts. My father was Rosario "Harry" D'Elia and worked at Base Supply. My mohter was Olive D'Elia and taught catechism on Sundays. Living off base was fun because we made friends with the locals. Among them was our landlord Finton O'Quinn, the O'Reagans who I believe lived on Queen Street (Brian O'Reagan was our age his father worked for Pinsents), Our military friends were Mac and Eleanor McClain, Ivan and Clara Strong (had two sons Robert and Marvin), Francis and Shirley Parrot and Nelson and Jerri ? last na! me. My school teachers at Harmon were Mrs. Barnett (Husband was base chaplain for a while), Miss Vincent and Mrs. Ray. (Mrs. Ray had a daughter Biki). We had a great time growing up in Stephenville. I have a brother Gregory, sister Michelle and Susie who all attended school at Harmon. We would have liked to have stayed there. My father, now deceased retired from the USAF at Westover when we returned here. I remember a big snow storm that closed the schools for days, the day JFK was shot and the tanker crash. My classmate's father in Mrs. Ray's class died in the crash. There are more names both civilian and military and many good times. Some day I would like to go back and see our house by the river. The pictures of Harmon bring back memories.

Date/Time of Posting: Dec 16 2002 / 10:59:09
name = leonard simon
where = cape st george
comments = worked at harmon 1957 till closing saw a picture of the building where i worked have very fond memories of them times most pictures are all the sites i remember well

Date/Time of Posting: Dec 18 2002 / 14:16:07
name = Ronald L. Singer
where = Surfside Beach, SC
comments = I was stationed at Harmon from July, 1965 until May, 1966. I was an air traffic controller. I lived in the airman's barracks. One of my favorite things was the midnight breakfast served by civilian cooks. I have good memories and served with good guys.

Date/Time of Posting: Dec 24 2002 / 06:48:58
name = Emil Daggy
where = Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Date/Time of Posting: Dec 26 2002 / 15:20:57
name = John Peck RET USAF
where = Atwater CA 95301
comments = Started going to Harmon in 1956 From Dow AFB Maine,went
PCS to Harmon in 1964 Closed the Base in 1966 And LOVED NEWFOUNDLAND J.P.

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 06 2003 / 10:22:56
name = cathy merholz gray
where = everywhere and nowhere. born st. john's nfld,
comments = 2-5th grades, teachers: mrs. brown, ms schroider, mrs,plapp( made me sew a kid named bradley's hood when i grabbed it during recess), ms strayer,( i wrote to her in germany, she was from lima oh, lost touch when we were stationed in england) remember mark barnett's mom also a teacher, lived at the top of the hill, 75 gallant the gallants quadplex, top rear, near the electric co. view of the st george's bay out of our living room.

snuck down with friends to the rocks by the bay near the nun's house, (didn't know how to swim, but it was too cold to get that close) played bowling at the church's alley. also did tunnels in the snow. field trips to the weather station, fighter jet, army supply ship, picking berries in the woods, king of the hill on the hills near the bogs. that nasty pond back of the gas station where we waited for the school bus.

babysitters, annie hines, helena benoit, geraldine wiseman

friends with joy adams, connie urquhart, laura gallant, debbie white, bill ? jeff depasquale, dick ? mike dibiase, bill? stationed at montana with us.

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 07 2003 / 11:16:37
name = Barbara Harling
where = Washington, D.C.
comments = We were stationed at Harmon from November 1955 til August 1958. Our Dad, Lt. Col. E.A. Harling was with the Corps of Engineers and worked closely with the J.A. Jones Construction Company. My sister Margie and I were enrolled in the first Harmon High School and I was in the first graduating class, June 1957. I really enjoyed our stay at Harmon and would love to make contact with old friends, especially those around Washington, D.C.

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 07 2003 / 18:43:59
name = Rene' Peterson-Bourgeois
where = Niceville, Florida
comments = I was one of a hand-full of "Army Brats" at Harmon during the early 60's. My dad was Sargent Major C. R. "Pete" Peterson and one of the few Army personnel station at the base. I loved living there as a 14/15 year old - lots of fun - lots of snow - and very little responsibility. Life was good!

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 10 2003 / 12:23:38
name = Bill Delaney, Col. USAF(Ret)
where = Dayton, Ohio
comments = First flying assignment with 6614th ATS as 2nd Lt. Great flying to Goose, BW-1, BW-8, Frobisher, Thule, Saglek, Nord. Never flew South. C-54's & C-119's. Even carried Christmas trees to Thule.Isolated tour of 19mos w/o family. Great, experienced flyers from Berlin Airlift in squadron. Two winters of flying North was more than enough. My tour at Harmon with the 6614th ATS was from July 1953 to Feb. 1955.

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 12 2003 / 16:32:20
name = Carson and Louise Harris
where = Show Low, Arizona
comments = Harmon 52-55, Pinetree 59-64 and 65-66. Loved the country and the people who made it the best assignment of our 25 years in the Air Force. We hope to make one trip back before we cant travel anymore. Have a good friend in Cartyville we call at New Years every year and enjoy our phone visit with her. Thank you Newfoundland for some of the best years of our lives.

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 20 2003 / 18:28:51
name = Peter Anders
where = Originally N.J.-Now Washington State
comments = I was stationed there at Harmon for 27 months'59-'61 as an Air Policeman working the Main Gate & Base Patrol.Met alot of nice people from Stephenville & Corner Brook.I enjoyed the base & the big chow hall that seemed like it was always open.Made alot of friends who were GI's there & I am still in contact with a few after all these years. Thanks.

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 22 2003 / 07:57:08
name = don benton
where = overland park ,ks
comments = was in 98th ars,1956 to 1962 .went to harmon on did snow a lot!!!!!!!!

Date/Time of Posting: Feb 02 2003 / 20:01:00
name = Janine "Sherry" Larsen
where = Class of 65, Ernest Harmon High School

Date/Time of Posting: Feb 19 2003 / 09:55:28
name = Thomas McAuley
where = Long Island ,New York
comments = 4/62-8/63 Asst crew chief kc97g. Crew chief Dick Davis. Our aircraft was on display for armed forces day 1963 got shot with a arrow by Frank Mazil at that time he was my room mate, other room mate Bill Shelly out of Philly. Wes Blankenship from little rock. Still have my membership card from the red rose club

Date/Time of Posting: Mar 23 2003 / 21:56:09
name = Dennis F Ottinger
where = Lafayette In USA 47905-8812
comments = Were lived there from 1960 to 1964. I was 7 years old when we got there.

Date/Time of Posting: Apr 08 2003 / 12:26:17
name = thomas mathis Jr
where = California
comments = looking for someone that may have remembered a boxer my dad thomas mathis

Date/Time of Posting: May 11 2003 / 10:06:26
name = Art Scot
where = Cleveland, Ohio, USA
comments = Stationed at EHAFB from 1948 until 1951 in the Air Rescue Service, Flight B, 6th. ARS. Loved Newfoundland!!!!

Date/Time of Posting: May 19 2003 / 00:45:00
name = John Spier
where = Wilton,California
comments = Enlisted at Harmon in 1946, Went back in 1948-51. Worked in Base Opns and Base Communications. Still have many of the Special Orders issued during this period. Remember Col Maxwell,Hughes, Bundy, Maj Finnegan, De Groot Capt Wood and Many others. Howard McKay from Stephenville Crossing,Mike Power, Shirley Le Drew, Mary King, Msgt Joe Bowere NCO Club Manager and many, many others. Am going back in July 2003.

Date/Time of Posting: May 25 2003 / 12:07:08
name = Michelle Bronaugh Daniel
where = Texas
comments = I was born there since my Daddy was in Air Force. I have old 8mm home movies of there & it's beautiful. I would love to come & visit someday before I get too old.

Date/Time of Posting: Jun 08 2003 / 09:47:24
name = Richard DePasquale
where = Tallahassee,FL.
comments = Great memories of middle/high
school (same back then).Was there from 62-65.Was snowed in at school for 3 day's. We called it the "LongestDay" like the movie.Wonder what happened to some old friends Pam and Patty Sullivan or Brenda Watford.

Date/Time of Posting: Jun 11 2003 / 10:17:03
name = William J Klug
where = Elkins Park Pa.

Date/Time of Posting: Jul 11 2003 / 08:05:12
name = Alan D. McLellan
where = Kennebunkport, ME
replyemail = comments = I was a medic at the hospital from 1959 to 1961. I had a great time at Harmon AFB. I am probably one of the few veterans that can say that he defended his country delivering babies and changing diapers. I worked in obstetrics at the hospital.

Date/Time of Posting: Aug 02 2003 / 12:29:41
name = Raymond H Morgan
where = Ponca City, Oklahoma
comments = Looking to contact Ralph Rhodi. Was member of 8th Weather Squadron between '47 &'52 I think. So was I.

Date/Time of Posting: Aug 11 2003 / 18:38:17
name = Christina
where = Deer Lake, NF
comments = Went to Harmon in 1950, celebrated my 15th birthday there. Worked for Sgt. Redman and his wife. Dated a handsome soldier boy (Texan) named E.J.Klonek. Left the province in 1952 and retired and returned to 'the homeland' in 1999. Visited Stephenville last week and had a hard time remembering where places use -to-be. It's just not the same anymore. GREAT SITE!

Date/Time of Posting: Aug 31 2003 / 14:01:11
name = linda messinger hanson
where = omaha NE
comments = There from Nov '65 until closing in '66. Attended Harmon High 9 & 10. World History teacher was great! Had someone bring treats every Friday and played Jeopardy with history questions. Lived off-base on Hillcrest Drive. Walked to base pier with Pat & Diane? and male? friends to fish and grill. Boys threw dog-fish they caught at girls. Took bus trips to play Newfoundland soccer teams (Regina was one) singing "Listen children and you shall hear about the midnight ride of Paul Revere. He rode up and down the street shouting Ernest Harmon can't be beat! La de da...the Rockets are the best!...La de da...the Rockets are the best!" We were, too! Remember Freshman initiation day and Senior slave day? I was in a soph biology class as a freshman because I had been in one when we left Lowry AFB, Denver. Only freshman in class. Anybody remember?

Date/Time of Posting: Sep 28 2003 / 07:04:20
name = Ronald L. Smith
where = Moreno Valley, CA
comments = I was stationed there from Feb 62 to Aug 63. I worked in Base Supply and Combat Operations.

Date/Time of Posting: Oct 07 2003 / 22:27:42
name = joe l buckland
where = texas, usa
comments = a/2c with the 1933rd aacs sqdn 58-60. loved Stephenville and the friendly people.

Date/Time of Posting:Oct 08 2003 / 23:56:36
name = Ted Ward comments = I was stationed at Harmon AFB from Sept, 63 to March, '65. I worked Ground Radio Maintentance for the comm, control tower, GCA operators and was a tech at CFSN tv and VOHF radio stations. I will always remember my fellow service people, my Newfoundlander friends in Stephenville fondly.

Date/Time of Posting: Oct 09 2003 / 09:01:25
name = Steve Harris
where = WICHITA, KS
comments = Got to see Elvis when he was passing thru from Germany.

Date/Time of Posting: Oct 13 2003 / 16:25:11
name = melvin smith
where = capitol heights, md
comments = looking for air force boxers from thule, harmon, goose bay, and that region from the 1950's.We have had several reunions of all the air force boxers held at bolling afb here in wash dc. Check out our website at

Date/Time of Posting: Oct 22 2003 / 16:27:24
name = Robert Hoke
where = Valdosta, Ga
comments = My Father was assigned to Hq EASTAF at McGuire AFB from 58 to 62 and frequently went TDY to Ernest Harmon during that time. He used to bring me penants from all the bases he visited. Wish I still had them. Enjoyed the web site. By the time I entered the Air Force Harmon was closed

Date/Time of Posting: Oct 25 2003 / 21:07:30
name = Alfred Santos
where = Ludlow, Mass
comments = Stationed EHAFB late 1964-Spring 1966 Worked as a propman... many very great memories! Roommate Gerry Gibson instrumental in getting my broadcast career started...Does anyone read this stuff?? later

Date/Time of Posting: Oct 29 2003 / 18:54:34
name = Jack Kotarski D.D.S.
where = Massachusetts
comments = Dental Clinic 1958-1960 4081st USAF Strategic Wing.E.Harmon AFB


I arrived at McGuire AFB sometime in the middle of July 1958.It was a blistering hot day in N.J.;arrived at Harmon the same night to find the temperature a little different,it was very cool (48F). What a shock !

For the next two years I met some of the most interesting people that I could imagine. Before I left Georgetown U.,a former Newfoundlander remarked that it was the people not the place that make it worthwhile. That was an understatement to say the least. Now that I’m much older and my bones are getting a little creeky,I think fondly of my youth and the many Harmon nights. Wondering what's happened to some old friends: Fred Ross,Mitch Pado,Arnie Wax,Bob Cravey,Mary Riley,Beth Brooks,George Borchers,Chuck Eschelman,Jim Havera,Jim Bender,Fr. Don…,Turk Azar,George Mims,Virgil Cox,Ed Los,Matt Page,Al and Pat McCulley and the rest of the crazy crowd from the “L” area,circa 1958-1960.

Happy Holidays, Jack

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 09 2003 / 19:38:22
name = Marian Gale ( McIsaac)
where = Dayton, Ohio
comments = My family lived on Harmon in the fifties. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers the McIsaac family. Our house was the only two-story house, between the Main Gate and the Chapel. My parents moved to Port au Port when all non-military families had to move off Base. I have been away from home many years, but always manage to get back home every year. Marian

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 21 2003 / 17:02:46
name = Mark A. Fowler,USAF(Ret)
where = Loomis, CA
comments = Browsing today, I saw a posting from a Carolyn Alkire; daughter of my friends, Floyd & Mary(Hinks)Welsh. I, too, met my wife, Kathleen Lucas, there in 1949. She and your Mom worked together at E.Harmon AFB & we later visited them in Cutler, but lost touch. Would like to get in touch with Carolyn and anyone else who knew us at EHAFB between 1949/51.

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 22 2003 / 17:13:38
name = Tom Hughes
where = Donora, Penna.
comments = First time I saw Harmon was 1960, we stopped off for refueling on our way to Keflivick AB, Iceland and again in 1961 on my return trip to the states. I ended up being stationed at Harmon from 1963-64 as a A1c with the 4081st Combat Defense Sqdn.(Air Police). Most of my tour I was the guard on the access gate to the alert billits (Mole Hole) that housed the crews for the KC-97's.

Met my wife of today at the Clover Club in town and we married 6 mos. later. Retired and moved here to Stephenville in 1998. Remember the warmth & kindness of the people and the snow. When I arrived on May 11,1963 there was a snow storm on and I said to my self "what am I getting into", but to this day I do not regret coming to Harmon and glad I returned to live here.

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 23 2003 / 12:15:51
name = Jimmy Dickey
where = Water Valley, Mississippi
comments = Stationed at Ernest Harmon in 1955/56 until I was injured in a typhoon. Does anyone remember that typhoon that hit back then?

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 27 2003 / 17:17:44
name = Mercedes
where = Lourdes Newfoundland
comments = Hi I worked on the base for Capt John McGovern and family. I'm trying to get in contact with any of the family (their children Nancy, Molly, Michael and Timothy John) Please if someone has any information on the McGovern family, please email me. The last thing I know is that when the base closed, the McGovern's returned to Philidelphia. Thanks

Date/Time of Posting: Dec 18 2003 / 05:36:03
name = philip weisman
where = bronx new york

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 05 2004 / 13:38:58
name = Hider Salah
where = West Bloomfield, Michigan
comments = I had the pleasure of spending two years (1953-1955)at Harmon with the 61st fighter squadron. I vividly remember when we disembarked from a troopship offshore in LST type craft to be welcomed by the Harmon base band standing on shore. I remember the continious cold, wind and snow as we worked on the f-94s on the flight line prior to hanger space. I remember Tripod (the mostly white dog), and how she received that name (jumping one day on the flight line at the whirling props of a plane and losing a paw). I remember all the wonderful characters, enlisted and officers who populated the 61st. I remember the fine Newfoundland ladie who worked along side with me at my part-time waiter job at the NCO club. Most of all, I remember the fine guys I worked with in the 61st radio shack such as Satch, Kunert, Brady, Sippola,Bauman,and others who at this time do not recall. All in all as Im look back, it was a very fruitful time in my early life, because I had the pleasure to be associated with people who unknowingly help a very immature young man to develope into a old immature man.

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 24 2004 / 00:23:56
name = Ned Marrs
where = Colorado Springs, CO
Harmon Memories = My Father, MSGT Edward W. Marrs, was the base Sgt Maj, back when the AF had Sgt Majs, from 1952-1956. My Mother's name is Louise and Sisters Rosemary, Emmy Lou, and Jeanne who was born at Harmon. We went to the catholic school, St. Stephens and I attended the 1st-4th grades. I remember the movie theater every Saturday morning and the NCO club dinners when they would serve wild game from Camp 33 for free. I remember fishing for els in the river. Some of the names I remember were the Whittens, Dwane and Jerry Don, and Judy Tiffany, and Danny Keahmala(sp) and also I just found out that an old girlfriend whom I dated while in Jr.Hi. at the Air Force Academy was also up there at the same time. Her name is Rebecca Floyd. Her Dad Capt Bill Floyd and Mother Betty were their names. If any one remembers our family please feel free to email me.

Date/Time of Posting: Feb 18 2004 / 06:01:42
name = Rachel Gillis Svarc
where = Saint John New Brunswick
Harmon_Memories = My Mom, Rona (Dobie) Gillis worked on Pine Tree in the late '60s, early '70s if my memory serves me correctly..One of my earliest memories is eating Mr. Priddle's scrambled eggs in the mess and being snuck into the movies and to play the one armed bandits:) Unfortunately, for any of you who knew her and weren't aware, Rona passed away in August 1980. I would like to hear any stories of her time there that you would be willing to share. Maybe some of you were lucky enough to be her dance partner (one of her favorite things to do).
(Rachel, I remember your mom, she was a very nice lady -- Tammy)

Date/Time of Posting: Mar 18 2004 / 07:50:15
name = Phil Trask
where = Ohio
Harmon_Memories = I was at Harmon from May of 1951 to Dec. of 1953 with Flight B, 6th ARS, later the 52nd ARS. Best duty I had. Met some very nice folks there ( married one of them 51 years ago;) We still go back to visit family and friends as often as possible. Great place to visit.

Date/Time of Posting: Mar 20 2004 / 11:35:28
name = Edward J Lyons
where = Dublin,Ga
replyemail = Harmon_Memories = I was stationed at Harmon from July 58 to May 60. I was assigned to the 4081st USAF HOSPITAL. My job for most of the ti8me was CQ in the hospital.It would really be great to hear from some of the folks who were there with me.

Date/Time of Posting: Apr 16 2004 / 13:22:00
name = Jim Collawn
where = Birmingham, Alabama
Harmon_Memories = My dad was stationed at Harmon AFB from 1959 to 62. I was 9 to 12 and I must say, those were the best childhood memories that I have. I remember Larry Nelson and Chuckie Palowitz (sp?) as being my best friends during that time, and I often wonder what happened to them. I learned how to ski, ice skate, play baseball and basketball there, and think about how free we were to wander around the whole base without fear. I would love to hear from anyone who was there during that period. Looking at the old pictures almost brought tears to my eyes. Most of my childhood stories revolved around Harmon AFB. Thanks for the website!

Date/Time of Posting: Apr 19 2004 / 05:55:07
name = Jim Collawn
where = Birmingham, Alabama
Harmon_Memories = I wanted to leave my email address ( just in case.

Date/Time of Posting: Apr 20 2004 / 20:41:32
name = Charlie Martin
where = Hollister, California
Harmon_Memories = Captain Gerald Earl Avery, my uncle was killed while co-piloting (?) a C-124C 2 3/4 miles East of Ernest Harmon AFB on April 18, 1960. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any memories of Gerald or the crash. If you do, please email me at
Thanks, Charlie Martin.

Date/Time of Posting: May 03 2004 / 13:05:55
name = Bill Bulloch
where = Jonesboro Georgia
Harmon_Memories = Stationed at the Harmon from Oct 63 till Dec 66. Worked in the CBPO with lots of fun loving people. Really enjoyed the tour.

Date/Time of Posting: May 05 2004 / 03:09:03
name = david gonzalez
where = austin texas
Harmon_Memories = Born at Harmon AFB. Dad in Air Force and married a local Corner Brook girl , Ivy Doris Colbourne. We make it back every 10 years or so to see the family. Remember the heavy snows in the winter and first day of school missing the bus stop home because we didnt know where we lived. Fishing at Indian Head and throwing stones in the river by the base gate. The week-end trips to Corner Brook to see grandma. Left in 66 for Barksdale and Randolph in Texas. Remember Ralph Burge and Angela Hall. Good board.

Date/Time of Posting: Jul 04 2004 / 13:11:40
name = Joan Barrios
where = Miami FL
Harmon_Memories = Major & Mrs Barrios with their 5 children: Ricki, 15; Denni,13; Missy,12; David, 5 and Poodge, 2 lived on base in 1965-66. Major Barrios remained to close the base in December 1966. Anyone remembering any of us or were there at that time I would love hearing from you. We could discuss many stories I am sure.

Date/Time of Posting: Sep 24 2004 / 19:44:24
name = Richard Pope
where = DeRidder, LA
Harmon_Memories = I attended EH Elementary (fifth grade) in 1965. My fater was Lt. Col. Fred Pope and he headed the base weather station. My sister Sandy was in High School and well known by many. I played baseball and enjoyed the snowy winters. Of all the bases we were assigned... Earnest Harmon was the one that sparks the fondest memories.
Cheers, Richard Pope

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 28 2004 / 12:27:07
name = Stanley Swanson
where = Lompoc, CA

Harmon_Memories = Flew F-89Ds with 61st FIS from July '56 to October '57, then was among group sent to the Goose (59th FIS) to fill in for shortage of F-89 pilots up North while most of the squadron was relocated to Truax. Slipped my wife and baby up to Harmon for 4 months without CO's permission, but got caught. Did a lot of moose hunting and salmon fishing. Remember furnishing moose meat for squadron bbq. Other crew mwmbers helped backpack moose out of St. George's river area. Anyone remember the 25 cent live lobsters we used to get from the local fishermen? Can remember f-89 crews from the Goose taking hundreds back from Harmon in the "hell hole" of their bird for squadron functions. The flying at Harmon back then was the toughest I ever encountered in my career, but we managed to find fun in spite of being separated from our families for extended periods. the 61st crews were not always welcome at the base O club but we had our own club back at the BOQ, the "Auger (or was it "Stagger) Inn".
For Maj. Pope's daughter: I knew your parents ar Harmon and later at Geiger.

Date/Time of Posting: Dec 22 2004 / 23:37:23
name = Carol
where = Near Sacramento, CA
Harmon_Memories = My dad was stationed there in 1960. I was only 4 yrs. old so I don't really know when we arrived but I think we were only there for about one year.
I remember allllllll the snow & how much fun it was being a kid there. I remember attending kindergarden there. I also remember on the school grounds, there were these round, cage things that you could climb inside and we'd roll around on the playground. We lived off base somewhere, I don't remember the address. I remember the LaVoie family and the Potts families lived near us too.
After that, they sent us to Westover. : )

Date/Time of Posting: Dec 23 2004 / 00:48:03
name = Carol
where = near Sacramento
Harmon_Memories = I was only 4 years old when I lived in Stephenville in 1960.
But I remember having snow all the way up to our roofs and ice cicles so big that one fell off and cut my brother's face up pretty good.

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 16 2005 / 09:08:01
name = Sara Bairrington
where = San Bernardino, California
Harmon_Memories = My dad was lab officer at the hospital from 1962 thru 1964. I was a Sophomore and Junior in the High School there. We lived on base, of course.

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 28 2005 / 10:22:30
name = joe macisaac
where = stephenville
Harmon_Memories = Grew up on harmon my dad worked at several establishments on base as a stationary engineer, we lived in close proximity to the chapel, in the early fifties it was a very exciting time period, lots of excitement with people coming and going it also was the rock & roll era, dances, movies at the theatre, weiner roasts at port harmon, lots of freedom no drugs to worry about, the most you would get hassled about was throwing snow balls.

Date/Time of Posting: Feb 02 2005 / 09:07:49
name = R.O. Walker
where = Henderson County, Texas, Cedar Creek Lake
Harmon_Memories = Was in the 6614 th Air Transport Squadron, Barrack J-9, from July 1955 to January 1957.

Date/Time of Posting: Feb 14 2005 / 18:17:08
Harmon_Memories = My name is Dave LaJoie. I was stationed at Harmon from December of 1963 to June of 1965. I was assigned at the service club as it was called when I got there. Then they did some remodeling and then they remaned it the "Indian Head Community Center" My Nickname was "Whitey". That was when I had hair. LOL. But, hey, I am not complaining. I have a lot of very fond memories while at Harmon. I met my wife while stationed there. She was a military brat, so to speak. I remember quite a few people’s names, if I can recall a few, like base police Sgt. Daniels or was it MacDaniels, A Sgt. Simonds from the base gym, a Sgt. Easterbrook, also from the base gym.

Airman Ken Gremms used to call him Easter Bunny, A Capt. Granger, he was in charge of rec services, a Sgt. Forest Varley, and Sgt. Covington. I married his daughter Carol. There was a Sgt. Brown, he ran the base golf course. An airman Dave Frazier or was it Frasier. Also while there I managed a baseball team when they formed a Babe Ruth League. The team I coached was the braves. One of my coaches was airman Gary Leatherer from the band sqdn. A coach from another team was Sgt. Bob Royal. I would like to hear from anyone that was stationed at Harmon in that time frame. I found this website just by happenstance. Sure brought back a lot of memories.

Also one person that was there at that time was the service club director, her name was Miss June Burgess, she was British. A very wonderful person and lady. Email anytime. Hopefully, maybe get to talk with someone I knew and met there, or someone that knows or knew some of the people I have mentioned. David D. LaJoie. (Note: email address was updated August, 2006)

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name = Casey Hales
where = Central Texas
Harmon_Memories = My dad, Major Joseph H. Hales was stationed there around 57-60. My brother was in HS there, Mike Hales, and I had two sisters, Sheila and Susan were inbetween my brother and myself. I was born in '53 in Columbus.
We all have wonderful memories of Harmon. Snow piled so high, or dog would be able to look straight into the window and watch us eat dinner. We lived in the circle, and the snow plow would really pile up in the yard. I had quite a snow fort built. Loved sledding down Hospital Hill. My dad went moose hunting and we had moose burgers, moose sausage, moose stew, moose sandwiches, damn moose are sure big! Remember the running of the grunion. People with tubs gathering up loads of fish.
As it seems with everyone else, would love to go back just for fun.

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