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River/Creek Finds

I have just recently started hunting the riverbanks and creeks. I am learning all the time on ways other ways to hunt other than fields. Keep sending in the tips/hints!

Some of these points/scrapers/drills came from the river on 4/2/99. Others came from nearby fields in Hardin County.

These three points came from a new site H6 on 3/20/99.

These birdpoints and sandstone discoidal were found at the river on 9/01/98.

These points were found at the river on 8/9/98 while on a fishing trip. I decided to take a short walk down the bank of the river and lucked up on these points.

On 3/14/98 I went down the Tennessee river in a boat and hunted gravel bars and islands. The broken point on the left is fluted on both sides, I think it is a middle section from a Clovis or Cumberland (site KLG2). The middle two points are probably Woodland points(sites KLG3 & KLG4). The point on the end right is either a Hardaway or Greenbrier (paleo 10000-8000BP) from site KLG5. Kevin and I found 6 new sites on the river. We found mostly broken pieces (over 100+ pieces), these are the only whole points that I found.

I got up at 5am and went arrowhead hunting today (3/6/98)...walked 1000 miles...blisters on my feet...fatigue making my head swim...and this is the only whole point I found all day! Kevin and I tried to hunt creeks and a gravel bar on the Tennessee River. We had no luck in the creeks. The gravel bar was covered in broken pieces. We found (between the two of us) over 50 broken points. Kevin found a side notched point that was whole and I found that birdpoint, thats it! Not a good day... At least we found a new site. (site KLG1)

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